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Checklist for Departments With New Employees

UC San Diego departments can use the checklist below as a guide to bringing a new staff or academic employee into the UC system.

Before the employee begins

Plan ahead for positive results when welcoming your new employee to UCSD and your department.

First day

Gather all the necessary forms:

  1. Fill out the forms below:
  2. Be sure to:
    • Give a copy of each form to the employee.
    • Send the completed forms to Payroll immediately, Mail Code 0952.
    • Provide your new hire/re-hire with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exchange Notice (required).

Inform the employee about UCSD's workers' compensation program (California law requires the following two pamphlets be provided to new hires at the time of hire):

  1. Print and give the employee a copy of the "Workers' Compensation: Time of Hire" pamphlet.
    Note: Two-sided printing is preferred.
    (English version PDF) (English version Word file)
    (Spanish version: PDF) (Spanish Word file
  2. Print and give the employee a copy of the Pharmacy Benefit Network pamphlet (PDF).
  3. Print and have the employee sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt of New Hire Pamphlet: Facts About Workers' Compensation and Pharmacy Benefit Network pamphlet form (PDF file)(required).
  4. Place the signed acknowledgement form in the departmental personnel file.
  5. Refer all pamphlet questions to the Workers' Compensation Office, (858) 534-2454.
    Important: It is not the responsibility of the HR contact to explain the pamphlets — only to give them to the new hire and obtain confirmation that the pamphlets were provided.

Complete these additional forms with the employee but don't send them to Payroll:

Online activities:

Begin a departmental orientation for your new employee using the following checklists:

Provide the new employee with:

First week

First month

Help new staff employees enroll and/or attend a New Employee Orientation.

Help the employee enroll in an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) class within 30 days of hire.

New employees whose responsibilities include fiscal management, employee development, or travel may need the following:

First six months

New career employees will complete their probationary period after 6 months of satisfactory performance.

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