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Probationary Period

Find out details about an employee's probationary period.

A probationary period is the time between the date of hire into a career position and the completion of six months of service. Service must be continuous and at one-half time or more. If an employee is rehired following a break in service, a new six-month probationary period begins from the date of rehire.

Time on leave with or without pay does not qualify as service time. 

Please review applicable Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM) or collective bargaining agreement for additional information.  

Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) group and Senior Management Group (SMG) employees do not have a probationary period.

Note: For employees covered under limited and per diem appointments or who have the title Police Sergeant, Police Lieutenant, or Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher, please see UC Policy (PDF).

Supervisors' roles during the probationary period:

  • Under certain circumstances, e.g., change of supervisor or transfer to a different job during the probationary period, supervisors may extend the probationary period up to three months.
  • Supervisors conduct performance evaluations whenever a question arises concerning the quality of performance or general suitability for University employment.
  • Thirty calendar days before the completion of an employee's probationary period, supervisors conduct a written performance evaluation.

Employees receive regular employee status after they satisfactorily complete the probationary period.

Campus employees, contact Employee Relations, Policy Development and Work/Life, (858) 534-4115. Health Sciences employees, contact Employee Advocacy and Labor Relations.