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Welcome to Blink

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Learn about Blink, an online source of information, training and tools for UC San Diego faculty and staff.

Blink's primary focus is to provide information on business processes, but we also spotlight more personal items, from benefits and child care to recreation and events.

Blink’s target user is new or less-experienced campus staff, especially those supporting academic departments. More experienced staff will be able to skip the general overviews and drill directly to detailed information, and can also use Blink to stay on top of changes in process and policy.

Blink is organized by topic

Blink is organized by service topics, rather than departments and offices. You should be able to find the information you need on a topic without having to know which departments to ask. The organizing service topics are:

Buy & Pay
Focuses on purchasing topics, including what to buy, how to process the purchase, methods of payments, reimbursements
Facilities & Services
Highlights building projects, including campus environmental/ sustainability efforts, infrastructure and construction information
Faculty Resources
Links to information for faculty, including resources for managing classes, conducting research, and finding housing and childcare
Offers easy access to information about UCSD's financial processes and tools, including general accounting, tax reporting, cashiering services
Covers the research process, including proposal preparation, grant administration, lab safety, hazardous materials
Contains information about emergency and police services, ergonomics for office equipment, work-related injury and illness, research safety and materials handling
Student/ Class Info
Includes content for faculty and staff who serve students, such as advising resources, class and majors lists, DARS audits, enrollment and grade information
Covers computer and network security, disposal of electronic devices, workplace security, e-mail, hardware and software, multimedia
Highlights travel and entertainment information, with links to tools that help you book a trip, report travel expenses

Most Blink pages will have one or more links to department pages. These department links are in the left column in a blue box. Learn about a department's organization, location, contacts and more from department pages.

Blink is a team effort

Blink is a project of Information Technology Services but is maintained by subject-matter experts from departments throughout campus. Workplace Technology Services (WTS) coordinates training and updates and maintains the Blink home page.

If your department is not represented in Blink but would like to be, contact us.

Contact Workplace Technology Services to add content to Blink.

You can promote your UC San Diego events, announcements and news stories on the Blink home page.

Blink is designed to be...

  • Accurate: Information is accurate and up to date
  • Clear: Content is easy to read and understand
  • Responsive: The site is designed to display correctly on all devices
  • User-friendly: Organization is based on the needs of site users rather than those of the content providers
  • Accessible: The site is navigable by users with disabilities

Blink aims to avoid legalese. Pages may link to policies, procedure documents, notices and other official documents, but these will not reside within Blink.

Help us continually improve Blink by providing feedback.

Note: this page has a friendly link that’s easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/aboutblink