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E-Market Services

Student Financial Solutions has partnered with Transact Payments (a third-party vendor solution) to offer e-commerce services to the campus community. UC San Diego departments can establish themselves as merchants to sell approved products or services via customizable online storefronts and accept credit card payments. Available now!

Requesting an E-Market:

Want to request a new E-Market for your department? Submit an E-Market Request Form today!


  • Accepts all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB) and international fund transfers (future enhancement) 
  • Allows discount codes, recurring payments, and fulfillment options 
  • Provides detailed reporting to assist with reconciliation 


  • Supports a cashless campus 
  • Increases visibility of departmental services and offerings to campus customers, alumni, and community 
  • Reduces administrative burden related to PCI compliance
    • SFS will complete one SAQ A report on behalf of departments using Transact E-Market storefronts (does not include e-market checkout integrations)


Here are a few ways you can use e-markets: 

  • Selling Physical Goods 
    Using e-markets to sell products and non-UCSD branded merchandise.
  • Event Registration 
    Using e-markets for registration and collecting information from attendees.
  • Membership/Subscriptions 
    Using e-markets for recurring credit card payments for memberships and subscriptions. 


E-Market Options

Below is a brief comparison of the three configuration options to consider for e-market deployments.


Storefront (One-Time)

Storefront (Recurring)


For departments that need to set up an online storefront for a temporary period and is not expected to be in use again.

For departments that expect to have their online storefront available all year long or on a recurring basis.

For departments that need highly customizable shopping sites with enhanced features that are not available with a Transact storefront e-market option.

Complete store, from shopping to check-out, hosted entirely in the Transact environment.

Online store experience is outside of Transact environment. Transact serves as the payment processor.

Primarily targeted for rapid deployment and lower volume sites.

Primarily targeted for higher volume and/or web-hosted solutions such as Aventri/Shopify or internally developed home-grown site created by the department.

Low technical skills required, with most changes done in web-based GUI interface.

Moderate to high technical skills required; likely to require IT involvement

Uses a generic merchant ID (MID) that is managed and owned by the Central Cashier’s Office.

Requires departments to have their own merchant ID and complete necessary PCI training and documents.

E-Market Limitations

At this time, e-markets cannot be used for: 

  • Donations (Contact Advancement) 
  • Student course fees and/or other eligible charges that are expected to be covered by financial aid or are offered for UCSD academic credit (Contact Student Financial Solutions)  
  • Reselling of University owned office or lab equipment (Contact Surplus Sales) 
  • Sale of merchandise with University’s name or trademarks unless approved (Contact the UC San Diego Office of Trademark and Licensing) 
  • Goods/Services that should be invoiced through Oracle (Contact AR Financial Operations) 
  • Recharge activity (e-markets can only accept credit card payments at this time) 

Merchant ID (MID) Account

Once the e-market request has been approved by the Central Cashier’s Office, a merchant ID (MID) account is required for departments to accept credit card payments. Departments will need to obtain a MID account, if they do not already have one from Merchant Services. Merchant Services will ensure that departments meet appropriate credit card security and compliance standards. 

For one-time e-market storefronts, departments will use a generic MID that is managed by the Central Cashier’s Office. 

Storefront Examples

-SAMPLE A - Merchandise Storefront 

-SAMPLE B - Event registration with dropdown pricing options 

-SAMPLE C - Conference registration with membership recurring charge option  



  • New e-market requests may require 15-30 days to configure and implement, depending on the complexity and current demand for other e-market sites.  This includes information gathering and obtaining a merchant ID (MID) for accepting credit card payments. 
  • Updates and changes to existing storefront e-markets may take up to 3 business days for execution. 

Estimated Costs

Below are the approved recharge rates for e-Market services.  Costs do not include fees that may be assessed by Cash and Merchant Services for being a merchant and overhead cost recovery fees assessed by Campus Budget Office.

Storefront e-Market (One Time) 

e-Market Initial Configuration

$50 per hr  (one-time cost)
*Average configuration effort is about 8 hours

Generic e-Market Administrative Services

*Services include merchant credit card fees, credit card reconciliation, and PCI compliance for using Central Cashier's Office generic MID

4.00% of total credit card sales

Storefront e-Market (Recurring) 

e-Market Initial Configuration

$50 per hr (one-time cost)

e-Market Terminal ID Fee

$300 per terminal ID (per year)

Merchant Service Fees

2.2% - 2.5% of total credit card sales (varies by credit card type) 

*Departments will be responsible for the merchant service fees associated with the acceptance of credit card payments assessed by Bank of America (BAMS).

Checkout e-Market 

Currently handled on a case-by-case basis. Submit a ticket for a consultation.  

ACH Fees

59 cents per ACH transaction

Costs include processing, filing fees, and ACH returns due to invalid account or insufficient funds. This payment option is only offered with e-market check-outs and user can be authenticated per NACHA regulations.

E-Market Requests, Updates, and General Inquiries

To request a new e-market, update an existing e-market, or for general questions about our e-market services, please submit the E-Market Request form through Services & Support.