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Cash & Merchant Services

The Cash & Merchant Services team operates within the Business and Financial Services department as a crucial component of the Financial Operations division. Our responsibilities include the following:

  • Bank Account Management, Banking Relationships & Reconciliations: We provision bank account access, request new bank accounts, lock boxes, or other banking-related services for UC San Diego departments. We reconcile incoming payment bank accounts to ensure the university’s financial records align with the bank statements to identify and resolve any discrepancies or errors promptly. We maintain relationships with UC Treasury, banks, and financial institutions to evaluate banking services and seek opportunities for cost savings or improved services.
  • Merchant Services Account Management & Support: We set up new merchant accounts, manage account information, and guide departments regarding merchant services-related inquiries or issues, including assisting with credit card solutions, addressing technical difficulties related to payment processing, posting credit card activities in Oracle, or resolving financial discrepancies.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance Management: We ensure the university maintains compliance with the PCI DSS requirements annually by preparing and submitting the required documentation and reports for PCI DSS compliance validation. We provide training and awareness to educate merchants about PCI DSS requirements, security best practices, and their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding cardholder data.
  • Petty Cash or Change Fund Request: We establish appropriate procedures for requesting petty cash or change funds and provide certification of possession of university funds guidance to campus cash fund custodians to ensure they are following campus policy and procedures.
  • Federal Cash Draws Cash Management: We are responsible for processing timely and accurate requests for reimbursement for actual expenditures incurred for Federal grants as specified by the awarding agency’s system following Federal regulations. We provide audit support for federal awards and cash management


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We Manage Services About:  Banking, Cash & Card Products, Federal Draws

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Finance Help Line: 858.246.4237, Option #4 

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Thursday, 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm