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How to Hire a UC Retiree

Department managers, learn how to hire a UC retiree.


  • Vice Chancellors are required to endorse/approve all retiree appointment requests.
  • CHRO approves appointment requests up to 12 months.
  • CHRO endorsement and Chancellor approval are required for all returning retiree appointments over 12 months, or extension requests that are over 12 months.
  • Submit your paperwork/STE Requisition 30 to 60 days in advance of the requested start date to avoid any approval delays.
  • Per IRS regulations, retirees must receive their first UCRP payment prior to their start date.
  • Do not enter retiree appointments in UCPath until after the appointment is approved by the Chancellor/Human Resources.

  1. Important:
      1. Review the UC rehire policy: UCnet - Rehired Retirees (PDF).
      2. Complete all necessary documents, and route for approval.
        • Download the Rehired Retiree Election form (PDF), and have the retiree complete and sign the document.
        • Complete the UCOP Retired Employee Approvals form (PDF), and have department Head and Dean/ Director/ Principal Offer sign the document. 
          •   All fields must be completed for review.
          •   If requesting an extension, be sure to mark as an Extension, and complete the initial reemployment fields, and cumulative month total. 
        • Provide completed documents to Human Resources, by emailing the documents to and copy
        • Human Resources reviews the UCOP Retired Employee Approval form. If the request constitutes a variation to policy (i.e., the position is greater than 43% or longer than 12 months), Chancellor approval is required for policy exception.
      3. Create an online short-term exception requisition.
        • In the Additional Comment section, enter returning retiree and full name.
        • If the salary exceeds the midpoint or represents a 25% or greater increase, you must complete and upload the Above Midpoint form to the offer routing with a justification to Compensation for review and approval, unless the individual is returning to the same position they retired from at the same pay.
      4. Instruct Retiree to complete the UCSD Online Application/Profile and upload a resume at
      5. Once request is approved, department submits a Smart HR Hire Template in UCpath.
      6. Hiring department is responsible for tracking Returning Retiree appointment duration and hours.
Campus Human Resources reports all returning retirees to the Chancellor and the Office of the President. Please obtain appropriate approvals prior to hiring a retiree.  
For more information, contact Katie Brittingham in Human Resources.
Note: UCOP does not allow extension of current returning retiree appointments. If the retiree's services are needed beyond the approved time, you must complete a new short-term exception requisition and UCOP Retired Employee Approval form (additional justification) and submit them to Human Resources using the steps above.