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Temporary Employee Information for Hiring Departments

Learn about Temporary Employment Services (TES), UC San Diego's point of contact for all temporary staffing needs.


Temporary Employment Services is currently experiencing a significant increase in the volume of requests we are receiving from departments for temporary employee placements. We are processing requests in the order in which they are received, and we apologize for any delays you may experience. We are in the process of hiring additional staffing support in TES to accommodate the increased volume in requests. We look forward to working with you and we thank you for your understanding. (Updated: September 9, 2021)

UC San Diego's Temporary Employment Service (TES) provides clerical, administrative, and technical temporary employees (floaters) to UC San Diego departments during interim periods such as recruiting, vacations, medical absences, and special projects.

Temporary employees (floaters) have completed a thorough screening process, including reference checks, computer skills assessments, and interviews with placement coordinators. TES also works with departments to fill specialized skill requests.


Requesting a Temporary Employee

  • TES is now accepting all requests online at  This is the preferred method for receiving temporary requests.
  • Health Sciences VC Area: Any new, replacement, or temporary non-faculty academic, and staff, positions must be submitted to the Position Review Committee (PRC) for review and approval before proceeding with filling a position. In order to submit your request to the PRC, please complete a Hire Staff Form (login required).  You will receive PRC approval via email and will be required to provide that documentation to TES when requesting to fill a position.
  • Medical Center VC Area: All temporary positions with Medical Center (UCSD Health) departments must be reviewed and approved by Finance, Director, and CAO/Exec. RAC Coordinators. Before submitting a request be sure to obtain department head approval for a temporary employee.
  • Once approved, email the Temporary Employee Request form to  and CC your department head.

Requesting a temp from an external service

  • In the event that TES cannot fill your request, other agencies may be utilized to provide staffing assistance. To arrange staffing assistance through an outside vendor, please contact Procurement and Contracts.

Responsibilities with Changing Job Duties and Description

  • Temporary assignments may evolve over time. If you are adding/changing duties please communicate those changes to your TES recruiter.

Managing Hours

  • Use the TES Online Pay System (TOPS) instead of Ecotime for temporary employees. Tutorials are available for both employees and supervisors).
  • Temporary employees are eligible for holiday pay if they are on pay status for at least 50% of the working hours (excluding holiday hours) the two pay periods before the holiday occurs, and must be on assignment during that holiday. This includes being on pay status the last scheduled work day before the holiday and first scheduled work day after the holiday. Employees are eligible for 4-8 hours of pay per holiday, depending on the total percentage of time worked in the previous two bi-weekly pay periods. Holiday hours are reflected as regular pay on the earnings statement.

Leave Balances

  • Assignment supervisors cannot check employee’s leave balances in TOPS. Employees are able to check balances in UCPATH.
  • Temporary employees are UC San Diego staff and are eligible for paid leave based on percentage of time worked.
  • Employees may be eligible for extended leave and/or medical benefits.
  • For questions about benefits & leaves regarding your temporary employee, refer to or contact

Systems Access

  • TES will provide the employee’s campus email and ID number at the time of placement.
    • TES is not able to provide other department specific systems access for temporary employees in other departments. This responsibility falls upon the employee’s department.
  • For Health departments, TES will submit a request with Health ITS for the employee’s additional email, AD login, and EPIC/Cadence training.
  • Any additional specific systems access and equipment (laptop, remote desktop, etc.) should be coordinated by the department supervisor.

Assignments coming to an end

  • Once the end date for the assignment has been confirmed:
    • Communicate end date to the employee and TES recruiter.
    • For campus departments, inform your business officer and/or HR representative to coordinate removing appropriate systems access and collecting department equipment.
  • If the employee is transferring to a career role within your department, please provide the assignment end date to the TES recruiter.

Extending an assignment

  • If you would like to extend the position beyond the estimated end date, please consult with your TES recruiter for guidance.


  • If you have any concerns on your employee’s performance, attendance, etc., please consult with your TES recruiter.
  • TES also appreciates and will make note of positive feedback on our temporary employees.

Compliance Training

  • Make sure that the TES employee signs up for Campus New Employee Orientation (NEO) within the first 30 days of their first assignment.
    • Campus NEO is still mandatory for employees in Health Departments.
    • Health NEO is not required by TES. If the department requires Health NEO, the department should coordinate internally.
  • UCLearning trainings
    • Temporary employees are required to complete the two following trainings within their first 30 days of employment. Please allow time during their normal shifts to complete them:
      • General Ethics
      • Cybersecurity Awareness
    • Non-compliant employees will be notified via their campus email.
For additional information, contact TES at (858) 534-4604.
Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.