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Oracle and Concur Role Requests

Learn how to request access to Oracle Financials Cloud and Concur Travel & Expense.

Oracle Financials Cloud (Oracle) and Concur systems, collectively, the financial information system on launched July 1, 2020 with an automated request process to support user provisioning post go-live.

Benefits of an automated access provisioning process include:

  • Streamlined experience for both submitting and approving financial system access requests
  • Enable checkpoints within central offices for segregation of duty conflicts and elevated role requests
  • Provide a consistent audit trail for provisioned employees
  • Provide a scalable solution for future financial system access requests 

The new financial information system provisioning process applies to all members of the University community including faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, authorized guests, delegates, and independent contractors (the “User(s)” or “you”) who use, access, or otherwise employ, locally or remotely, the University’s IT Resources, whether individually controlled, shared, stand-alone, or networked.

Access Requests to Financial Systems

Access Request and Removal Process

Getting Started

For new employees and affiliates, please review this article: How to Request Oracle and Concur Roles.

Departments can determine how much access users have, but users have the ability to submit requisitions in Oracle Financials Cloud and submit requests in Concur automatically once the user account is established in those systems.  User account creation happens automatically within days of the employee having an active status date in UCPath.

Managing Access

For users that transfer departments, review this article: How to Manage Oracle Access for Employees that Transfer Departments.

Standard Oracle Roles

Please read the knowledge base article (KB0032200): How to Determine the Oracle & Concur Standard Roles Departmental Preparers Need.

Elevated Oracle Roles

Elevated privileges are defined as roles or permissions that- if misused or compromised- could allow a person to exploit the University’s financial systems or impact financial statements.

More specifically, elevated roles need additional review by the project team and internal controls because they allow the person to create transactions without review from another person or modify the system in a way that impacts the greater financial community. Elevated roles are typically for IT Services & Campus and Health Central Office staff only.

Additional Roles

Common department 'additional roles' include workflow approver roles for Oracle & Concur and delegated purchasing authority of $500, $2500, or $5000. When completing the access request form, be sure to select all the Financial Unit(s) that you are an approver for.

Role Name Description Domain
PO Requisitioner Role (formerly known as the Shopper and Department Buyer Roles) The PO Requisitioner role will apply to the Oracle Procurement and Payables modules. This role will be very similar to the current Index-Informed Shopper and Department Buyer roles and will be available in four different amounts: $0, $500, $2500, $5000.

Employees and affiliates will automatically have access to Oracle with the PO Requisitioner $0 role. Those receiving a role with a delegated purchasing authority ($500, $2500, $5000) will be required to watch a video on Oracle Procurement in UC Learning. 
Financial Unit (FinUnit) Approver  The FinUnit Approver role will be responsible for approving all financial transactions related to Procurement, Payables, and Travel and Expense in both Oracle and Concur. Click here to see a list of FinUnit Approvers Workflow Approver
Department Head The Department Head role will be merged with the Standard Entertainment Approver role. This role will continue to be responsible for approval of gifts and awards, as well as most entertainment expenses, within both Oracle and Concur. Note this individual cannot be the same individual designated as the Special Entertainment Approver for a given Financial Unit. Workflow Approver
Special Entertainment Approver The Special Entertainment Approver role will continue to be used for the approval of certain entertainment expenses, both in Oracle and Concur. The process for delegating this role has not changed. Workflow Approver
Procurement Card Department Administrator (formerly known as the Express Card Department Administrator) The Procurement Card Department Administrator will continue to be responsible for the use of Procurement Cards (PCards) within their department. More information on this role, and changes to the PCard process, is coming soon.

More Login Information

Additional details for Oracle and Concur provisioning:

  1. Oracle gets users from UC Path (employees and contingent workers) and MyAffiliates on a nightly basis
    1. Since the definition for contingent workers is narrow, most affiliates are not in there
  2. Log in using your Active Directory (AD) credentials. If that fails then try using Business Systems.  Employees and some Affiliates will be able to login with the AD credential.  Some Affiliates will need to use Business Systems.
  3. Once logged in, they will have access to whatever role they were assigned, or additional roles can be requested based on their job function

When UC San Diego's new Identity system comes online, it will replace MyAffliates, and associate those records with Active Directory.


  • Visit the Budget & Finance Knowledge Base for step-by-step guidance on access to financial systems.

  • For assistance with selecting appropriate roles, inquiries, or approving access requests, please attend an upcoming office hours support session for access provisioning & role requests.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.