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How to Get and Use an Authorization Code

Learn about authorization codes, which enable you to place international long distance phone calls.

If you charge calls to more than one index, an authorization code is required for each index. The codes can be established for international use. Effective January 5, 2015, authorization codes will no longer be needed for local (local to UCSD La Jolla Campus) and domestic long distance (within the U.S.) calls.  If your department wishes to get a code, please follow the steps below.

  • For local and domestic long distance calling from a UCSD phone, dial 8 + area code + seven digit phone number.

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1. Order an authorization code.

Ask your departmental business office to submit a Customer Service Request (CSR).

2. Place an international call using your authorization code.

Dial the following:

  • * 6 *
  • Your authorization code
  • # 16
  • Country code
  • City code
  • Phone number:
    • If you have a five-digit code, add 1 before your code:
      *6* 1 XXXXX # 16 (country code) (city code) XXX-XXXX
    • If you have a seven-digit code, simply enter your seven digits:
      *6* XXXXXXX #16 (country code) (city code) XXX–XXXX

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