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Ergonomics: Supervisor's Responsibilities for Employees Covered by the Clerical Contract

Learn about the ergonomic requirements for supervisors who oversee CUE-represented workers.


As of May 12, 2003, under the labor contract between the university and the Coalition of University Employees (CUE), supervisors must provide ergonomic workstation assessments and make appropriate adjustments for CUE-represented employees.

Per the clerical contract:

  • Clerical employees who spend more than 60% of their normal work schedule at a computer must receive an ergonomic review of their workstation within 90 calendar days of starting work or being assigned to a new work station.
  • Upon request, the department must supply a copy of the review, a response to the results of the review, and a list of actions or alternate measures (if any) that the department will implement, including expected dates of completion.
  • If the department needs more time to review the workstation, it will have 60 additional days. The department must give the employee — in writing — the expected date(s) of the assessment results and a department response, including the expected date of any proposed resolution action.

How to fulfill these responsibilities

  • To conduct the workstation assessment within the 90 days described above:
    • Have the employee complete the online Ergonomics Training and Self-Assessment.
      • Based on the employee's answers, the tutorial will make recommendations to increase comfort and reduce risk of injury.
    • Take the appropriate action indicated by the Ergonomics Self-Assessment.
    • Document actions taken to implement Tier 1 recommendations and keep copies of each employee's workstation assessment history.
      • Records of training programs completed via UC Learning Center (formerly Enrollment Central) can be obtained from these sources:
    • Encourage the employee to attend other ergonomic awareness training.
  • Tier 2 evaluations: If the Tier 1 recommendations and associated equipment changes don't alleviate any risk factors, request a Tier 2 Computer Ergonomic Evaluation with an ergonomics specialist.

Resources for supervisors

Campus Funded employees contact EH&S Ergo Team

For UCSD Health or Medical Center-Funded Employees, please visit UCSD Health Ergonomic Evaluation Request or contact if you have questions.

Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.