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Find ergonomic resources to reduce workplace discomfort and injuries.


Pain Away

Shoulders tight? Legs stiff? Roll away knots and soothe sore muscles with foam rollers and softballs in free Pain Away classes.

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Ergonomic solutions for you

Supervisor responsibilities

Employee responsibilities

Ergonomic training and evaluation

Learn basic ergonomic principles:

Learn how to:

Special resources for campus employees:

  • Ergonomics Resource Fund – Financial help for campus-funded departments
  • FitLife Occupational Program – Learn how to work more effectively, reduce injuries, illness and stress, increase stamina, and create a healthy and fit lifestyle on and off the job
  • Pain Away Classes – Free bi-weekly classes (when minimum enrollment is met) for campus employees
  • Pain Relief Program – For campus-funded employees who suffer from painful muscular conditions in high risk occupations

Regulations and policies

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