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Ergonomics Resource Fund

Learn how to qualify and apply for funding assistance to purchase ergonomic products.

Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) sponsors the Ergonomics Resource Fund to help departments purchase ergonomically-designed products from Marketplace.

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This program is for campus-funded employees who have completed ergonomics training. EH&S will accept applications from individual employees or department representatives.

Funding amounts

  • A minimum total purchase of $100.00 is eligible for consideration for the funding
  • Based on funding availability, up to 50% of the total purchase may be awarded, with the maximum award amount of $300.00 per employee with a cap per department of $1,500 per fiscal year
  • As we attempt to provide ergonomic support and services to the entire campus, each department is allotted a maximum of $1,500 per fiscal year, regardless of department size.
  • An employee can request Ergonomics Resource funds once per fiscal year given they are in the same department. If an employee transfers to a different department, the employee can request funding at the new department, provided the department has not exceeded the annual amount of $1500.00.  

How to qualify and apply

Follow the steps below to qualify and apply for Ergonomics Resource funds.

1. Meet the ergonomics training requirement before applying for funds.

Complete 1 or more of the ergonomics training programs offered by EH&S (within six months of requesting funds):

How to get the training:

2. Apply for funds and pre-approval to order.

Your department is responsible for placing the order after pre-approval is obtained from an EH&S Ergonomics Specialist.

How to apply and get pre-approval:

  • Complete the Ergonomics Resource Funds form. Be sure to fill in all fields and include specific product and price, otherwise, there will be a delay in processing the form. 
  • EH&S will review your request and reply within 1 week.
  • If approved, your department can place the order.

The requesting department has 3 months to submit the Ergonomics Resource Fund form after completing the ergonomics tutorial, training, and/ or evaluation.

3. Get reimbursed with EH&S Ergonomics Resource funds.

When your order is received:

  • Send the purchase notification by attaching the invoice and packaging slip using the email at the bottom of this page.
  • EH&S will review the order and approve funding amount for RACTA (previously ENPET) by your department financial administrator.

The requesting department has 3 months from the EH&S RACTA approval date to complete the transfer of credit from the Ergonomics Resource Fund.

Campus Funded employees contact EH&S Ergo Team

For UCSD Health or Medical Center-Funded Employees, please visit UCSD Health Ergonomic Evaluation Request or contact if you have questions.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember:
Notice: Ergonomics information, training, and services are intended exclusively for UC San Diego employees and affiliates.