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Ergonomic Solutions for You

Help yourself to ergonomic solutions that reduce discomfort and injuries.

If you experience ergonomic risk factors on your job, it is your responsibility to learn more about ergonomics and take action. Ready?

Take a Web-based ergonomic tutorial on UC Learning Center.

Ergonomic tutorials are recommended for employees with 1 or more of these risk factors:

  • 4 or more hours per day working at a computer
  • Routine lifting and bending
  • Holding the same posture for prolonged periods of time
  • Any kind of repetitive motion (the same movement over and over again)
  • Pain or discomfort associated with the physical requirements of your job

UC Learning Center offers 2 ergonomic tutorials:

  • Computer workers
  • Non-computer workers

Both are described below.

Take both tutorials. You'll learn ergonomic principles you can use no matter what kind of work you do.

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Computer workers

Computer workers, to get ergonomic training and a workstation evaluation at the same time, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Complete the Computer Ergonomics Tier 1 Evaluation and Training eCourse on UC Learning Center.

This eCourse simultaneously evaluates your computer workstation and teaches you basic ergonomic principles.

Based on your answers in the tutorial, a Personal Ergonomic Recommendation Report will be generated for you at the end of the course. It is your ergonomic evaluation report.

Step 2:

Download and read your Personal Ergonomic Recommendation Report. It describes how to adjust your workstation.

Step 3:

Implement the recommendations including workplace adjustments, obtaining additional equipment, and behavioral changes.

Step 4:

Approximately 15 days after implementing changes, update your Tier 1 Self Evaluation profile:

  • Return to the Computer Ergonomics Tier 1 Evaluation and Training eCourse on UC Learning Center.
  • Press the Start button to open the eCourse.
  • In the 'Status panel' select (2) Tier 1 Self Evaluation.
  • After submitting your answers, an updated Personal Ergonomic Recommendation Report is generated for you.

Non-computer workers

Non-computer (repetitive or manual) workers, follow these steps to learn how to protect your back from injury.

Step 1:

Complete the Maintaining a Healthy Back eCourse on UC Learning Center.

This eCourse provides information on risk factors, lifting techniques, and posture.

Step 2:

Contact ehsergo@ucsd.edu with specific ergonomic questions.


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Notice: Ergonomics information, training, and services are intended exclusively for UC San Diego employees and affiliates.