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Budget & Financial Management

Budget & Financial Management reports enable fiscal staff to manage their daily financial operations. Use these reports to view balances, understand your fiscal health, and manage transactions.

Panoramas and Dashboards in this section include:

Panorama/Dashboard Description
Accounts Receivable Panorama Accounts Receivable Panorama is a collection of reports that provide departments with an overview of their receivables and related credit memos, customer account attributes, incoming and unclaimed cash receipts, and merchant transactions
Capital Equipment Management Report The Capital Equipment Management Report lists all requisitions on items acquired where cost exceeds $5,000. The cost includes entire requistion and auxiliary cost associated such as shipping, delivery, installation, taxes, etc.
Contract Management Dashboard Use the Contract Management Dashboard to view summary and detailed information for award and general contract revenue, invoicing, payments, and receipts.
Debt Service Dashboard The Debt Service Dashboard provides campus customers with information on timing and amounts due for debt service (principal and interest) on both Internally Funded Loans and Externally Financed Bonds.
Department Operations Dashboard This dashboard provides YTD overall net financial surplus or loss by Managerial Fund categories, Mission, or Project Classification.
Expanded Project Summary The Expanded Project Summary report provides a summary and detailed information about a single project or task, with information from PPM, General Ledger, and UCPath
Financial Resource Management Dashboard This dashboard delivers a full suite of financial management reports intended to support campus business officers. They are designed to support internal financial management of the university finances, and as such use Managerial Reporting hierarchies.
Fixed Assets Dashboard The Fixed Assets Dashboard provides reports for streamlined fixed asset management, including Asset Inventory, Purchasing, Depreciation, and Retirements and Disposals Reports.
General Ledger Panorama The General Ledger Panorama contains reports that pull from the General Ledger transaction tables. Designed to give you visibility into general ledger accounts, balances, transactions and activity.
GL Fund Balances The GL Fund Balances report provides a summary of a fund’s ending balances, with information from the GL and PPM
GL Project Balances The GL Project Balances report provides a summary of a project’s ending balances, with information from the GL and PPM.
Planning and Budgeting Dashboard This dashboard delivers an initial suite of planning and budgeting reports intended to support campus business officers. They are designed to support internal variance analysis against the university budget plans captured in the Oracle Planning and Budgeting tool, and as such use Managerial Reporting hierarchies.
Procure to Pay Panorama The Procure to Pay Panorama provides insights to all campus reporting needs related to Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. This panorama offers high-level dashboard views and detailed inquiry reports for campus use.
Project Cost Transfer Panorama The Project Cost Transfer Panorama is a collection of reports designed to provide details about Project Cost transfers. Search transfers by the Original Expenditure Item transaction #, transfer dates, project, award, owning organization and more. For larger reports, use the built in scheduling feature.
Project Management Dashboard The Project Management Dashboard makes it easier to review a portfolio of projects at once using a variety of prompts. This dashboard will offer fund managers one place to do things like review all faculty startup and retention funds or their department’s operating funds, close out expired projects, and analyze a PI’s portfolio.
Transaction Details Report This report provides detailed information about transactions posted to the Oracle General Ledger and PPM subledger.
Trend Analytics Dashboard The Trend Analytics Dashboard provides insight into how Financial Units, Project Managers, and Projects have performed over time, facilitating data-driven decision making.


  • View the Report Index for more specific guidance on which report or dashboard to run based on your case.