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Report Development

Do you wish you could be more involved in the report development process? Wonder what happened to that enhancement request you submitted? Curious what we're working on now? Find answers to these questions here.

Get Involved in Report Development

Do you wish you could have more of a voice in the report development process? Do you feel frustrated that current reports don't meet your needs? The BI & Financial Reporting team has an ongoing need for report testers as well as subject matter experts to contribute to report development efforts. We need individuals in a variety of roles with a variety of financial expertise.

If you would be interested in participating in either of these activities, please complete this form. Staff, please gain approval from your supervisor for your participation prior to completing the survey. If we reach out to you, you will have the opportunity to decline participation at any time.

Time commitments (per report development engagement):

  • Report testers are called on to test new reports for accuracy before they are released into production. Time commitment is 1-2 hours per week for 2-3 weeks.
  • Focus group subject matter experts are called on to provide input into the report development process during the design stage. Time commitment is typically 1 hour per week for 4-12 weeks, with some additional homework time between workgroup meetings.

Report Enhancement Requests

If you have an idea for a new report or an enhancement to an existing report that would make doing your job easier, submit your idea in a Budget & Finance Enhancement Request.  Don't worry that someone else may have already submitted the same idea.  When we see the same idea submitted by different users, it helps us to highlight the need for campus and we will consolidate requests after submission.

After you submit your idea, it goes through a series of vetting, approval, and prioritization steps before it moves into report development. In the first step, the idea is reviewed by the Budget and Finance User Group (BFG).  You can reach out to your Vice Chancellor area BFG representative to discuss your idea in detail and find out what other ideas the BFG has discussed.  The entire report enhancement process can take several months to complete.  The process flow is outlined below.


Current and Future Report Development

The table below describes work that is ongoing for release in the near future.

Report What is being done Tentative release date
Receivables Aging Rebuild

The Transaction Type filter on the current Receivables Aging report is broken, and the report build is too clunky to fix the broken prompt.  We are hoping that a streamlined build will fix the existing issues, improve performance, and make ongoing maintenance more efficient.

September 2023
Fixed Assets Dashboard

Multiple reports are being created to support the new Fixed Assets Module:

  • Asset Inventory Report
  • Asset Depreciation Report
  • Asset Retirements/Disposals Report
  • Asset Purchasing Report
September 2023
Sponsored AR Aging
  • Enable searching by Principal Investigator
September 2023
Campus User Roles
  • All prompts will have multi-select searches
  • A new prompt filter and column for Employee Status will be added.
October 2023
General Ledger Panorama
  • A new column for Accounting Period End Date will be added.
  • A new page for Financial Pivot Tools will be available on the GL Panorama
October 2023
Expanded Project Summary
  • A box for project notes will be added to the top of the report.  Stay tuned for announcements about training on how to enter notes so they appear correctly on the report!
  • On-screen prompts will be added to filter the Cost Details by Expenditure Category and/or Expenditure Type, allowing users to narrow in on specific costs.
  • A new prompt will be added to the prompt page to return all projects for a given award
  • A link will be added above each table to enable Excel download of just that table.
  • Columns will be added to the Revenue Details table for Receipt Amount and Unpaid Amount to enable users to see whether invoices have been paid.
November 2023
Project Management Dashboard
  • A new page for payroll projections will be added.
  • A new column for project start date will be added to the sponsored projects section
  • New columns for Project Manager and Fund Manager columns will be added to the Kuali-Oracle Comparison table
December 2023
Staff Workload Dashboard: Fund Manager Workload The first iteration of this new dashboard will feature metrics for assessing fund manager workloads.  Future iterations will add workload metrics for other fiscal staff types, including administrative assistants and others. October 2023
Trend Analytics Dashboard This new dashboard will help departments understand their fiscal activity and balances over time, organized by funds, project classes, project managers, and more. November 2023
Faculty and Researcher Activity Dashboard

This new dashboard will provide department leaders with metrics related to faculty activity and productivity.

  • Research expenditures by year
  • Numbers of students, postdocs, and staff supported
  • Numbers of proposals submitted and awards received
February 2024
Recharge License Summary This new report requested by Costing Policy & Analysis will provide a profit and loss statement by recharge license.  Recharge license numbers are assigned to groups of projects that together represent the activity of a single recharge center. March 2024

 Future goals for implementation in fiscal year 2024:

  • Filling gaps for recharge facility manager reporting
  • Training grant reporting
  • Clinical trials reporting
Interested in helping out with these future efforts?  See the Get Involved section above.

Release Notes

Report What was done Released
Faculty and Researcher Dashboard We have implemented multiple enhancements requested by faculty.

  • The layout of the sponsored projects table is being changed to show only the current budget period, including the carryforward amount from prior budget periods as well as current period budget, costs, and balance for the whole task.
  • The percentages shown on the sponsored projects table will be changed to Percent Budget Remaining and Percent Budget Period Remaining. The Percent Budget Remaining can be used directly as the carryforward percentage for NIH reporting.
  • The GL summary table will be re-organized by project classification table to help faculty understand the purpose of each project.
  • Multiple enhancements to increase functionality and usability of the drillthrough reports
High-Risk Ledger Review Changes

The Budget and Finance User Group (BFG), including representatives from Audit & Management Advisory Services (AMAS) and Internal Controls & Accounting (ICA), has approved a change to the threshold of transactions that need to be reviewed with high-risk ledger review. The $2,500 threshold that has been applied to the total invoice dollar amount will now be applied at the transaction level. This will greatly reduce the number of transactions requiring review and simplify the monthly high-risk ledger review process.  This change is now reflected in the Transaction Details report.

Gift Fund Balances

Two new versions of the Gift Fund Balances report have been added to the Gift Funds Panorama to enable you to search the report by VSE Category and VSE Subcategory. Visit the Gift Fund Balances Blink page for more information.

Additional enhancements have also been made to the reports:

  • Report output has now been limited to include only gift funds.
  • The default view now repeats all rows rather than grouping financial unit and fund columns.  An alternate view is still available that includes the grouping.
  • A prompt for L3 Financial Unit (School level) has been added.
  • Financial unit and project numbers have been updated to a number-name format.
Chart of Accounts Panorama

The Chart of Accounts Panorama has also been enhanced to include the entire hierarchies for VSE Category and VSE Subcategory so that you can review how all gift funds are categorized. Visit the Chart of Accounts Panorama Blink page for more information about these new hierachies added.

Assessment Reconciliation Report
  • This new report calculates amounts for Differential Income, ASSA, Campus Administrative Debit, Dean's Office Assessments, and Department Assessments, and compares them to the actual amounts charged.
  • Calculates a projected project balance after all anticipated assessments have been charged.
GL Fund Balances
  • The report provides a summary of a Fin Unit’s ending balances by fund, with information from the GL and PPM and drills down to the GL Project Balances report. For more information about this report, visit the GL Fund Balances Blink page.
Graduate Student Funding Report
  • In order to prevent alumni employees from showing up on the report, only the following employee class types are included: "Academic: Academic Student", "Academic: Medical Residents", and "Student: Casual/Restricted"
  • Two new prompts have been added: Hiring Department (returns payroll data only) and Expenditure Type
  • Two additions to Summary Table: Fin Unit Code and Name and Admit Term Year. This table also now sorts by Fiscal Year.
Department Exceptions Dashboard Misposted Miscellaneous Receipts on Sponsored Projects:
  • Sponsored Projects should have miscellaneous receipts posted as a credit to expense or applied towards an invoice.
  • Sponsored project receipts should most often be posted and applied to an invoice, not as a credit to expense.
  • This report highlights any credits to expense as a potential receipt that may need to be applied to an invoice.
GL Project Balances Project Classification has been added to the Summary tab to allow users to group and sort balances by project class category and class code. 5/8/2023
Transaction Details Project Department Reporting Category (Faculty Controlled vs Department Controlled) has been added as a multi-select prompt and as a field in the PPM Cost Transactions Full report and the GL Transactions report. 5/8/2023
Project COA Lookup A new filter for “Fund Starts With (First Character Only)” has been added to the Project COA Lookup report.  Use this filter to search for all chartstrings for a particular category of gift funds. 5/8/2023
Project Overview

New columns have been added on the Project Overview report for the Fund and Function associated with the Task at project setup.

New column for Business Unit

Project COA Lookup Added parameter for Fund Stars With (First Character Only) 4/24/2023
Expanded Project Summary Four different options are available for the Project Summary:With and without budget periods
With and without Tasks 

The Award Anticipated Amount has been added to the top section for sponsored projects.  This amount is the total amount of the award for all budget periods as indicated in Kuali Research.
The budget period end date has been changed to budget period range (Start -> End dates)
When entering a date range for sponsored projects, you can choose whether that date range applies to the Accounting Date or the Expenditure Item Date.  When choosing Expenditure Item Date, Payroll Details are filtered by Earnings Period End Date.  Choose Expenditure Item Date to align costs with budget periods. 
Added drillthrough to Transaction Details report on Expenditure by Month table.
Future budget years are now excluded when running the report as of a date in the past.
Project Management Dashboard All reports on the dashboard now open in a new tab.
A new view under Expenditure by Month by Type breaks costs down by Expenditure Type.
Balances are now calculated as Budget – Costs.
The Variances page includes a new table to help you identify discrepancies between award dates in Kuali and Oracle.
Department Exceptions Dashboard

BPM Aged Items:

This report identifies the approval state/status of contracts, invoices, budgets, and project cost transfers. Worklist items become stale/stuck if not acted on in a timely manner.

Misc receipts on SP that might be wrong:

Sponsored Projects should have miscellaneous revenue posted as a credit to expense or applied towards an invoice. This report displays the miscellaneous receipt accounting and PPM accounting to reconcile and identify mismatches between the two modules.

Transaction Details Expenditure Invoice Line Requester added to PPM Cost Transactions (PPM Full)
PPM Commitments now excludes commitments where the total is $0
Expenditure Item Date added to GL Transactions
Two prompt updates: New Fin Unit L2 (Entity Code) prompt
Expenditure Batch prompt now filters by the User Expenditure Batch field for PPM Transactions

Contract Invoice and Payment Report A new column has been added for bill-through Date 4/11/2023
Graduate Student Funding Report

This report allows users to:

Verify funding sources for payroll, tuition, fees, and stipends across multiple terms/years by graduate student, department, fin unit, and project.
Discern how a student is funded over their tenure as a graduate student.
View data as individual transactions, summary for each student by accounting period, or both.
Cost Share Reconciliation Dashboard PPM Cost Share Summary: Understand how much of committed cost share has been spent
GL Cost Share Summary: Understand whether cost share commitments have been funded to the project in the general ledger
Misposted Cost Share Transaction Details: Identify cost share transactions posted to the wrong funding source
Cost Transfer Dashboard A new page on the project cost transfer panorama for “other adjustment status”
Cost transfer workflow report is now searchable by the financial unit with a multi-select option.
Incoming Payments Report

New fields have been added on the Incoming Payments report for receipt type and creation method.

Sponsored AR Aging Multi-select for Financial Units, Award Type, and project class code
New prompt for Line of Credit
GL-PPM Reconciliation

The following prompt has been added to this report: Project Manager Home Department

UCPath-PPM-GL Salary Reconciliation

The UCPath-PPM-GL Salary Reconciliation report has been modified to account for Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB).  PFCB salary is charged as normal salary in both the Labor Ledger (UCPath) and in Oracle, but is subsequently refunded to the Project in Oracle only.  This was creating artificial discrepancies on the Salary Reconciliation report.  

The PFCB salary amount from UCPath is now broken out into a separate column and is not included in the Variance calculation.  In cases where the refund occurred in a different month from the original salary, you will see a variance in the month of the salary and the opposite variance in the month of the refund.  

GL Project Balances New Project Organization prompt
New Project Manager prompt
Report excludes rows where all measures (e.g. beginning balances, YTD resources, YTD expenses, etc.) are $0
Transaction Details


New pages: Commitment Details, PPM Condensed column set
Select which page(s) to display (PPM Condensed, PPM Full, GL, Commitments) from the prompt page
New columns: Transaction/Requisition/Invoice Approver, Created By, Last Updated By, Accounting Date, GL Posting Date, PPM Creation Date, Project Manager, Most Recent Accounting Period, Task Start and End Dates, Project Start Date, Expenditure Comment and PO number added to GL page
New prompts: Expenditure Comment, Customer, Student PID, Managerial Account Category
New drillthrough to identify recharge contacts
Buttons to download a single page to Excel
Columns with no data are excluded from the table
November 2022
Faculty and Researcher Dashboard


Add column for budget period start date
Add award total row
Drillthrough pages receive many of the same enhancements as for Expanded Project Summary
November 2022
Contract Management Dashboard


Search summary reports by PI (sponsored) or project manager (non-sponsored)
New columns on Sponsored Contract and Project Summary: PI name, Sponsor Award Number, Sponsor Name, Commitments


November 2022
Department Operations Dashboard High-level view of YTD financial activity by fund categories and project classifications to help departments understand the health of their operations. January 2023

Report Update Communications

The table below contains communication for enhancement updates

Report Released
Faculty and Researcher Dashboard September 2023
Faculty and Researcher Dashboard April 2023
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