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Governance and Advisory

Finance Steering Committee and Advisory Committee Members

Finance Steering Committee and Advisory Committee Members provide leadership, guidance, and decision-making on our financial systems. In addition, members help us collaboratively pursue our mission of achieving fiscal responsibility and integrity to support the world-class mission of UC San Diego in the areas of teaching, research, healthcare, and public service.

Finance Steering Committee

The Finance Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the overall health of the Financial Information System (FIS) and addressing any necessary topics, questions, decision-points, and potential roadblocks.
  • Leading the FIS workgroups in the development of policy and guidelines across business
    units. This group will be the first level of escalation for issues or decisions that the FIS workgroups are unable to resolve, or that require higher level approval
  • Approving the financial roadmap for the UC San Diego entities (Campus, Health, and Foundation)

The escalation group one level above the Finance Steering Committee is the Enterprise Information Services Committee (EISC).

Role Member
Chairs Lori Donaldson, Cheryl Ross
Physician’s Group and Population Health Services Organization William Burnette
Academic Affairs Adam DiProfio
Health Sciences Agnes Flanagan
Marine Sciences Luke Hemmingson
Campus Procurement Ted Johnson
IT Services Finance Service Owner Cheryl Kaino
Health Information Services Eugene Lee
Campus Budget Office Sylvia Lepe
Health Procurement Brad Ouellet
Medical Center Controller Lawrence Pineda
Sponsored Projects Marissa Prough
Campus Internal Controls and Accounting Arlynn Renslow
Health Finance and Accounting Michael Roulan
Foundation Finance and Accounting Marlene Shaver
Business and Financial User Group Chair Irene Xavier


Finance Steering Committee Decisions


Decision Date Background
Payroll amounts will be added to the Faculty and Research Panorama 8/12/2021 Payroll percentages and dollar amounts are not available in OFC or OFC reports, and users must link out to Payroll reports in Cognos to view payroll details. Faculty requested payroll amounts be added to the Faculty and Researcher Panorama for better management and compliance - i.e., PIs are responsible for knowing who and how much a person was paid on their Award Project(s).

Budget and Finance User Group (BFG)

The Budget and Finance User Group (BFG) gathers input, helps establish best practices, supports user training, provides feedback on financial reporting requirements, advocates for user needs, and make recommendations to the Finance Steering Committee on the future financial roadmap for UC San Diego.


VC Area Member Department/Area of Expertise
Academic Affairs Jillian Kochan Qualcomm Institute 
Academic Affairs Lisa Russon Engineering Dean's Office
Academic Affairs Heather Sears Chemistry and BioChem
Health Sciences Wayne Zhang Controller Office
Health Sciences Isabella Bryant-Parkinson Research Service Core
Health Sciences Andrina Marshall School of Pharmacy
Health Sciences Matthew Vanderbilt SOM Dept of Medicine
Marine Sciences Hanna Choe Integrative Oceanography Division
Marine Sciences Andrei Koudriavstev CASPO
Research Affairs Kyle Nakanishi VC Research Affair
Student Affairs Nirvana Navarro VC Student Affairs
UC San Diego Health Lawrence Pineda Medical Center
UC San Diego Health Michelle York Medical Center
UC San Diego Health William Burnette Physician Group/Population Health
Advancement & Chancellor's Office Kelly Todd Development VC Operations
Resource Management Simona Vieru Financial Services Unit
Chief Financial Officer Nickolaus Lekovish Internal Controls and Accounting
Chief Financial Officer Caitlin Chu CFO Office
Central Office Grechory Buchanan AMAS
Central Office Susselys Virgil Financial Operations
Central Office Robert Hannahs Campus Budger Office
Central Office Kierstin Sykes Foundation
Central Office Melissa Navarro Internal Controls and Accounting
Central Office Nikki Giaquinta Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions
Central Office Marissa Prough Office of Post Award Financials
Central Office Sylvia Jeung UCPath, EcoTime
Budget & Finance Chair Irene Xavier Marine Physical Laboratory
Budget & Finance Core Cheryl Kaino IT Services-Finance Service Owner
Budget & Finance Core Adam Diprofio VC Academic Affairs
Budget & Finance Core Laura Virgil Business and Financial Services