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Get started introduces you to the access, training, and resources you'll need for BI & Financial Reporting.

Where Can I Find My Data?

All Vetted Financial Reports Are Published in the Business Analytics Hub 

The Business Analytics Hub (BAH) is a self-service reporting solution that enables users to retrieve information on demand. It consists of a series of dashboards and reports for end users to consume the necessary information. The BAH is the primary reporting tool at UC San Diego serving as the consolidated source of reporting information throughout campus. It allows for reporting on the intersection of a number of different data sources, including Budget & Finance.

To view financial reports and analytics:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Budget & Finance.
  3. Select the tab for your desired functional area or persona. (Example: Projects & Awards Panoramas)
  4. Select Run Report for the desired panorama or report tile. (Example: UCSD-DSH Project Panorama)

NOTE: Use the Company Single-Sign On to sign in, if prompted.

Financial Activity Hub (FINAH) Is Managed Separately

Some FINAH reports are also accessible through BAH, but FINAH is managed separately. For additional information about FINAH reporting, please visit

Data Warehouse Holds Historic Data

Legacy data for fiscal years prior to July 1, 2020 is available via QueryLink, FinancialLink, and Cognos.

Transactional data is accessible for:

  • Department - Through VC close July 17
  • Central Offices - Through fiscal close

Do I Need to Request Access?

Content Access May Require a Certain System Role

A system message displays if a user does not have proper access to content and in most cases, access can be requested directly from that page.

Helpful Links Regarding Report Access

For information on how to request Oracle roles for report access, read Oracle & Concur standard roles and How to Request the GL Inquiry and Reporting Role before using the Oracle and Concur Role Request form.

Also, refer to the Request Forms menu item under Get Started on the left panel of this page.

Is There Training and/or Support Available?

Learning and Reference Resources Are Available in the Left Panel

Each category of reporting - aligned with the tabs in BAH - has a corresponding link in the left panel menu of this page. Information is broken down for each page of the respective dashboards.

Previous Training and Support Is Available

Most training sessions and follow up sessions (Office Hours) are recorded. These sessions and several other support resources can be found via the Get Help menu item from the left panel of this page.

Future Training & Support Plan

Moving forward, the release plan for new report options will include:

  • Self-paced online training lessons covering:
    • Universal reporting functionality
    • Persona-specific utilization of reporting tools
    • Guided, hands-on activities
  • More focused Persona-based Office Hours
  • Streamlined resources with easily correlated access paths (BAH, Blink, Training)

What is the Reporting Roadmap?

This roadmap summarizes key financial reports, with anticipated delivery dates. Click 'Full Screen' in the bottom right corner for full report visibility.

Note: Users must be on vpn to view the report.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.