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Bugs & Outages

List of known bugs and issues impacting financial reports.

This page will only have content when there are known bugs or outages impacting financial reports that the team is actively working to resolve. When not listed below, consumers who notice a report not functioning as expected should submit a "Report a Problem" ticket to BI & Financial Reporting in the Budget & Finance space of

Common Cognos Errors

Error Solution

Browser Caching Error



Clear your cache and follow these steps to prevent future such errors.

Access Error


Financial reports require the BI Consumer JR role.  Use the Campus User Roles report on BAH to check your access, and request new roles through the Oracle and Concur Role Requests ticket.

Report Data Source Error



These two errors can appear when the report blends data from multiple data sources.  Neither one has any impact.  Simply close them and use the report as you normally would.





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