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Information Lookup

Reports in this section provide non-financial information about people, projects, and accounting hierarchies.

Panoramas and Dashboards in this section include:

Panorama/Dashboard Description
Campus User Roles Report The Campus User Roles Report provides the OFC roles and associated Business Units, Ledgers and other security contexts for those roles. Searchable by user email, username, assignment number, department and role.
Chart of Accounts Panorama Hierarchies help define structure, and provide for standard and consistent financial reporting to our various stakeholders about UC San Diego’s financial performance and financial position over a specified period of time. The Chart of Accounts Panorama is designed to help you explore the UCSD Chart of Accounts and hierarchies.
Project Information Lookup Panorama The Project Information Lookup brings back all the Projects for a Business unit, Project Organization or Project Manager and where available it provides full COA and POETAF Chart string values for these Projects.
Project Overview Report The Project Overview Report provides all the non-financial data of a project. That is, what organization the project is associated to, who is the project manager, what are the start and end dates, and more. 
Contract Overview Report The Contract Overview Report provides all the non-financial data of a contract. That is, what organization it is associated to, what project and task it is on, what are the start and end dates, and more.


  • View the Report Index for more specific guidance on which report or dashboard to run based on your case.