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Debt Service Dashboard

The Debt Service Dashboard provides campus customers with information on timing and amounts due for annual debt service (principal and interest) on both Internally Funded Loans and Externally Financed Bonds.

The Debt Service Dashboard is available from the Business Analytics Hub ( under the Budget & Financial Management tab.


Access has been provisioned to anyone with the Oracle BI Consumer JR role.  Staff who do not have access should request the Oracle role. Access failure appears as error "Unable to load requested view. Displaying home view instead."

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Select Budget & Finance
  3. If using the List View, look for Debt Service Dashboard in the list or use the search bar at the top right and click the dashboard name  
  4. If using the Card View, click the Budget & Financial Management tab and click Launch on the Debt Service Dashboard tile 
  5. Use your Active Directory credentials to sign in, if prompted.


Here you can find various tips and tricks on navigating Cognos report functionality

Respond to Prompts

Fiscal Year - Required

  • The Fiscal Year prompt is required. The default selection is set to 2024-2033 (current year + 10).
    • Users may deselect default years or select additional years by editing selections within the prompt (CTRL+Click).



Vice Chancellor and Sub Vice Chancellor

  • These prompts are options. The Vice Chancellor and Sub Vice Chancellor prompts are custom fields specific to debt service data and are not aligned directly with the COA Financial Unit Hierarchy.
    • If users only select for Vice Chancellor, the Debt Service Summary tabs will display all associated Sub Vice Chancellor areas. Conversely, if users only select for Sub-Vice Chancelor, the Debt Service Summary tabs will auto populate with the associated Vice Chancellor.



Debt Grouping (Pledge Source)

  • This prompt is optional. The Debt Grouping (Pledge Source) prompt is based on UCOP debt group classification and is also used for the Internal Loan group.


Once all Prompt selections are complete, click Finish to generate the report.

Business Scenarios

  • The Debt Service Dashboard consists of the following elements – four tabs and one drill-through:
    1. Debt Service Summary by Sub-VC: This tab displays annual debt service amounts for all associated specific capital projects, grouped by Vice Chancellor and Sub Vice Chancellor areas.
    2. Debt Service Summary by Debt Grouping: This tab provides a more detailed view by adding Debt Grouping granularity to the Sub-VC view. 
    3. Debt Service Raw Data: This tab displays the entire debt service upload file, which allows the user to download the raw data to excel for custom analysis.
    4. Data Glossary
    5. Project Amortization Schedule offers a detailed amortization schedule for a specific capital project. It is only accessible through drill-through links within the Specific Project column on the Debt Service by Sub-VC and Debt Service by Debt Grouping tabs.
  • The report contains four prompts: Fiscal Year, Vice Chancellor, Sub Vice Chancellor, and Debt Grouping (Pledge Source).

This report answers the following questions:

  • What is the amount of debt service for a capital project that falls under my Vice Chancellor this year?
  • What is the percentage breakdown of debt service obligations by 'payer' (VC/Sub-VC) for a specific project?
  • What is the payback schedule for the internal loan that my department has?
  • What amounts can I anticipate will post to my department chart string for principal and interest payments by year?

Report Views

To export the report in PDF, Excel, or CSV, click on the ‘HTML’ button in the toolbar and select your desired output.

Debt Service Summary – by Sub-VC


Debt Service Summary – by Debt Grouping


Debt Service Raw Data


Data Glossary


Project Amortization Schedule


Refer to the Data Glossary under Get Started on the main BI & Financial Reporting Blink menu for searchable data descriptions and usage rules.