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Financial Resource Management Dashboard

Find out about business scenarios, data selection, report view options, and data definitions for Financial Resource Management Dashboard and Planning and Budgeting Dashboard available under Budget & Finance in the Business Analytics Hub (

This dashboard delivers a full suite of financial management reports intended to support campus business officers. They are designed to support internal financial management of the university finances, and as such use Managerial Reporting hierarchies.


Report Description
Financial Deficit Report - Operating Funds

This report displays deficit balances by accounting period for all campus funds, except Contracts & Grants.

Financial Deficit Report - Sponsored Projects

This report displays YTD deficit sponsored project budget balances for open and ended projects.

Fund Summary

This report displays overall fund balances for all Financial Unit – Fund combinations in an operating unit.

Fund Balance Scorecard

This report displays overall department-controlled and faculty-controlled resources available at various levels of the Financial Unit hierarchy across campus.

GL Project Summary by Fin Unit

This report displays financial unit balances, now named Resources Available, by project and fund.

Managerial Reporting Account Hierarchy

This report categorizes Accounts into Account groupings used in many UC San Diego internal financial management reports.

Managerial Reporting Fund Hierarchy

This report categorizes Funds in Fund groupings used in many UC San Diego internal financial management reports.

Net Operating Results and Fund Balance

This report provides YTD overall net financial surplus or loss by major fund categories for an operating unit in a profit and loss statement format.


  • View the Report Index for more specific guidance on which report or dashboard to run based on your case.