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SAS Statistics

Find out more about the SAS data management, analysis, and presentation package's availability in the Education Analytical Software (EAS) bundle.

Available to: Faculty, Staff, and Departments/Classes

Platforms: Macintosh, Windows, and Unix


SAS is currently available to Faculty and Staff at a cost of $70 per year.

A current license key, SID or setinit, must be applied to install the software for each academic year you are licensed.


New Orders

Order SAS Workstation

Order SAS Server

Free SAS software download at SAS® OnDemand for Academics.

Renewal or Opt-out

Licenses renewals are due to Campus Software Distribution by July 1st.

Opt-out two weeks before the end of the academic year by email to Campus Software Distribution.

Contact Software Distribution Have questions or don't see what you're looking for? Contact us at