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Prepare Your Classroom

In an ever shifting landscape, planning your course curriculum can be time consuming and resources can be difficult to unearth. Explore the curricula available on Autodesk’s Design Academy. Course content can be integrated into the classroom either through your own learning management system (LMS) or shared as a self-paced online course. Access video lectures, challenge assignments, and assessments to help fill out your curriculum needs.


Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

This course introduces you to foundational knowledge in computer-aided design (CAD), manufacture, and the practical use of CNC machines. We begin with the basics of Autodesk® Fusion 360™ CAD by learning how to properly sketch and model 3D parts. Before we program any toolpaths, we’ll explore CNC machining basics to ensure we have the foundational knowledge needed to effectively define toolpaths. Finally, we explore the basics of setting up a CAM program and defining toolpaths to cut simple geometry. This is the same basic process that gets repeated for the design and manufacture of any part and is a critical step in learning and understanding the process.

  • Explain the CAD design process as applied to prismatic parts.
  • Summarize the workflow of digital manufacturing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in basic Fusion 360 CAM.
  • Recall foundational knowledge of practical CNC machining.


Enhance Your Curriculum

With Autodesk’s digital learning resources on Design Academy, you can find a wide range of curriculum packages to add to your syllabus and support your student’s learning.

Generative Design

Move beyond traditional design by exploring high-performing, optimized design alternatives with generative design workflows.

Multi-axis CNC

Learn how to control multi-axis positioning or simultaneous motion with the application of multi-axis toolpaths.


Test and validate the structure of your design before it moves into production with simulation analysis.

Sustainable Design

Learn the principles of sustainable design in order to nurture innovation while preserving the natural world.



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