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Find out how to access Autodesk - Students Faculty

Platforms: Windows - Some products are supported on Mac

Autodesk provides open access to more than 100 products – available to students and educators

  • Download Free Software.
  • Design projects & curriculum - Project based models to learn design thinking, innovation, and creativity. Learn more
  • Get certified - Advance your career by mastering the tools and workflows professionals use, and demonstrate your skill with Autodesk certification and expert recognition. Learn more

Autodesk: Learn more a about distance learning.

If you need to purchase professional Autodesk license please contact Software Licensing Support team and provide information about your project.


Education Users may only use Education Offerings for the following “Educational Purposes”:

  1. if You are a Qualified Educational Institution, Faculty or Other Authorized Education User, You may access and/or use the Offering solely for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, or research and development as part of the instructional functions performed by a Qualified Educational Institution or an Other Authorized Education User.
  2. if You are a Student or an individual Other Authorized Education User, You may not access or use the Offering for commercial, professional or other for-profit purposes. You may be required to show proof of eligibility if requested by Autodesk.
  3. Autodesk Education license terms & definitions