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Microsoft for Departments and Units

Microsoft offers educational pricing on applications including the Office productivity suite and developer and server software through the Campus and School Agreement (CASA), formerly Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA).

UC's annual CASA software lease program is based on the knowledge worker count of the department. The program is effective for departments/units where the number of computers is equal to or greater than the number of Educational Qualified User (EQU) for faculty and staff and the department upgrades Office, Windows, or the Server OS at least once every 3 years.


The annual cost depends on certain UC-wide enrollment levels and may be reduced depending on changes in enrollment levels. Pricing and product changes, if any, take place mid-March.


For Departments Enrolling in CASA:

  1. Figure your department's Educational Qualified User count by following the definition below. Do not include any Light Users or student workers to your counts. 
  2. Contact Campus Software Distribution to enroll or to renew current CASA enrollment by April 23rd each year for the lease period beginning July 1st. 

New enrollment orders may be placed mid-term. Contact

Educational Qualified User

Formerly known as Knowledge Worker, EQU is any Employee, contractor, or volunteer of or for the Institution who uses a Product or Qualified Device for the benefit of the institution or within the user’s relationship with the Institution. This figure should be included in the CASA figures, but “Light Users” can be excluded from the count. Please see below for Light User definition.

Note: Student Employees are already provisioned with Microsoft 365 Education A3 license, and do not need to be included with your counts.

Light User 

Employees in the following roles will be designated as "Light Users" and may be excluded from the Knowledge Worker count as they do not typically use a computer in their normal job function:

• Automotive Equipment Operations and Maintenance
• Child Care Services
• Custodial Services/Physical Plant Maintenance
• Food and Linen Services
• Grounds Keeping
• Parking Attendants
• Patient Escorts
• Recreation/Fitness
• Security Service
• Adjunct Professors who are only provided email and calendering

For all Software Licensing questions please go to ITS Service Desk.