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Available to: Students Faculty and Researchers

Platforms: Windows Mac

Minitab powerful statistical software can look at current and past data to find trends and predict patterns, uncover hidden relationships between variables, visualize data, predict, analyze and harness the power of your data to solve business problems and eliminate costs and mistakes before they happen.

Minitab will run on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iPad, etc.  Users would have access to Minitab anywhere, anytime!

Minitab licensing terms and usage:

Students, faculty and staff can use Minitab as long as it is for academic instruction to qualified academic users.

 Qualified academic users are

Full or part time students that are pursuing a degree at an accredited academic institution.

(Pursuing certifications or taking a class with CE units is not considered pursuing a degree and therefore not considered a student)

 Full or part time faculty/staff providing instruction to students where Minitab is required for instruction or using it for research associated with an academic degree.

 Qualified Users must only use the Software and/or Services solely for performing their academic work and/or instruction and for no other purpose.

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For all Software Licensing questions please go to ITS Service Desk.