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Business Intelligence (BI)

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Learn about Business Intelligence at UC San Diego.

About Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the effective use and analysis of an organization’s raw data through analytics, querying, reporting, data mining and more. 

The Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) team makes data available to users in an organized, accessible manner.

Activity Hubs

As part of the campus-wide Enterprise Systems Renewal program, the BIA team has been focused on creating hubs that collect the data, or activity, from new systems. Called Activity Hubs, each collects a specific type of data. BIA manages the Activity Hubs and the tools that are used to view and analyze the data, Cognos and Tableau.

Who Uses Activity Hub Data?

Analysts from across campus build reports for consumers to view data. Report Developers have extensive knowledge of the source data and understand data tables and joins as well as the needs of those who use the data.

Report Consumers use the reports created by analysts to view in one or more Activy Hubs.

Learn more about Activity Hub data and the report publishing process.

Getting help

Email BIA at for Activity Hub and data support.

Include the following:

  • Problem you are trying to solve
  • Purpose, goals or desired outcome of your request
  • Desired timeline

For help with general troubleshooting, add:

  • Screenshots
  • Explanation of the issue
  • Troubleshooting attempts and your results
  • Steps to reproduce the issue (i.e., the variables/values you used to run a report)
For issues with a specific report, include:
  • Location or link to the report
  • Last time it ran successfully
  • Any changes or additional information that could help resolve the issue