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Business Intelligence (BI)

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Learn about Business Intelligence at UC San Diego.

About BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is the effective use and analysis of an organization’s raw data through analytics, querying, reporting, data mining and more. 

The purpose of the BIA team is to make data available to users in an organized, accessible manner.

The Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) team can help you:

  • Get to the data you need
  • Organize your data for faster analysis
  • Combine your data with other data sets
  • Analyze your data
  • Display your data for decision making

BIA works with three broad categories of users to make data sources available through supported tools. Learn more about getting access to support your department’s mission.

Getting help

Email BIA to open a ticket. Information to include:

For new projects

Provide us with:
  • The purpose, goals or desired outcome
  • Problem you are trying to solve
  • Desired timeline
We'll help define features and functions.

For support issues

Provide us with as much specific information as possible:
  • Provide screenshots
  • Explain what is happening
  • State what troubleshooting steps have been attempted (and the results)
  • Explain the steps you took so we can reproduce the issue (e.g. include variables/ values used to run a report)
If it is an issue with a specific report, include:
  • The path or link to the report
  • Last time it ran successfully
  • Any recent changes
  • Any additional information that could help resolve the issue