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BI: Data Access

Learn how to access business intelligence data.

BIA delivers multiple data sources to clients through BIA supported tools.

Data servers

BIA provisioned data sources

BI tools screenshot

BIA supported tools

Client typing


Active Directory (AD) groups

BIA supported tools use AD groups to provision access to data. The AD group(s) you are a member of will determine the level of access you have. Access may be provisioned per the source data, associated dashboards, reports and/or specific fields. Fulfillment of additional steps (e.g. completion of training) may be required by the data source owner.

Group types

  • Developer AD group (required)
  • Analyst AD group (optional)
  • Consumer AD group (optional)

Group management

To be added to an existing AD group or to create new AD groups, contact your Data Security Administrator (DSA). If you don't know your DSA, you can look them up by your email or by your department. If you don’t know the AD group associated with the data you need, email the data source contact.