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UC San Diego BI Data Sources

Find a list of business intelligence data sources available at UC San Diego.

Use this table to sort and filter links to documentation on data sources, see what platforms the data sources are available on and who you should contact for more information. See tips for using this table.

Data sources are continually being made available by BIA. If you do not see your data source in this list, review the BIA Services Project Workflow to get started.

Data Source Availability Contact
Advancement Cognos act-adv@ucsd.edu
Campus Budget Office (CBO) Cognos cbofeedback@ucsd.edu
Health Sciences (HS) Cognos dredfern@ucsd.edu​
Research Administration (ERAP) Cognos eraphelp@ucsd.edu
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Cognos siohelp@ucsd.edu
Student and Academic Data Cognos Request via AccesslinkTNG (login required)
Financial Analytics Cognos Request via AccesslinkTNG (login required): Instructions
Student Activity Hub (SAH) - coming soon Cognos, Tableau Request via AccesslinkTNG (login required)