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Data Users

Learn about the analytics report developers and report consumer roles at UC San Diego.

We work with two broad categories of users, each having different needs and levels of technical expertise.

  • Report Developers sit with the busines unit and spend much of their time working with data and using the analytics tools. Developers have extensive knowledge of a report's data source(s) and a working knowledge of data tables and joins. 
  • Report Consumers run reports and analyze data, but they do not frequently use analytics tools.


Are You a Report Developer or Consumer?




Output Preference
PDF file Yes Yes
Excel file Yes Yes
Interactive web display Yes Yes
Prompted selections - user selects what
content they would like to see in the report
Yes Yes
Level of Data Source Knowledge
None to limited knowledge Yes
Limited to average knowledge Yes Yes
Extensive knowledge Yes
Data source table joins Yes
Report Types
Run Monthly + Yes
Run Weekly Yes Yes
Run Daily Yes
Build a new report Yes
Modify an existing report Yes

BIA Issue Resolution

A frequent side-effect of business intelligence reporting is the identification of data quality issues. Because Cognos/Tableau reports are the last tools to receive the data, they should be the first place we all look to determine the cause of the data quality issue. After checking your report, the next step back in the data flow is with the Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA) team. The BIA team will check the Cognos/Tableau models, the Activity Hub views, the Hana data load and more to determine where the data quality issue is occurring. If everything matches the data source and the data source itself is incorrect then BIA will escalate the issue to the data source team. The data source team may fix the issue or they may indicate an alternate option to meet the user’s reporting needs. 

Ticket process flow:

In summary, after checking your own report, email all data quality issues to with (1) the location of your report, (2) screen shots of your report output and (3) screen shots or links to the source data showing the correct data.

 Data Quality Issues