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BI Users

Learn about the types of Business Intelligence users at UC San Diego.

We work with three broad categories of users, each having different needs and technical expertise.
  • Consumers run reports and analyze data, but they do not frequently use BI supported tools.
  • Analysts range from Excel users to new BI report builders.
  • Developers spend much of their time working with data and using the BIA supported tools. Developers have extensive knowledge of the data source and a working knowledge of tables and joins.

Consult this table to see which user-type best fits you:




Output Preference
PDF output Yes Yes
Excel output Yes Yes Yes
Interactive web display Yes Yes Yes
Prompt selections - user selects what
content they would like to see in the report
Yes Yes
Data Source Knowledge
No to limited knowledge Yes
Limited to average knowledge Yes Yes
Extensive knowledge Yes Yes
Data source table joins Yes
Frequency of Report Use
Monthly+ report running Yes
Weekly report running Yes Yes
Daily report running Yes
New report building Yes Yes
Existing report modification Yes Yes