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BIA Team Services

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Learn how the ITS BIA Team provides Business Intelligence (BI) Services to UC San Diego Departments.

BIA Team Services

The main goal of BIA is make data available to UCSD in a safe and efficient manner using Activity Hubs and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Learn more about the various services BIA provides to UC San Diego.

BI Tool Support including, but not limited to

Activity Hub (AH) support including, but not limited to

Services outside of BIA perview include, but are not limited to

  • Active Directory (AD) group creation and management
  • Data Integration
  • Report creation

BIA project workflow

  1. BIA evaluates your data analytics need
    • Is your data accessible? Organized?
    • Does your data need to be combined with other data sets?
    • How do your customers like to interact with their data?
    • Is your request part of a larger initiative?

  2. BIA works with you to identify requirements and deliverables
    • Do you have a report developer whom you would like to build the reports?
    • Would you like BIA to train your developers to build your reports?
  3. BIA liaisons with Data Warehouse and Database Administration teams as needed
    • Not all analysis requires DW/DBA work, BIA can advise you on your options
    • Some solutions require organization processes best developed by the data warehouse team. BIA will coordinate that effort
  4. BIA develops the metadata/ package solution
    • BIA uses a process similar to Agile development
    • Solutions are tested in a dedicated QA environment by you
    • BIA actively solicits subject matter expert, developer and/or sponsor feedback

  5. BIA supports the solution
    • Report developers or designated business analysts will liaison with end users
    • Modifications post solution delivery are expected as data sources and business needs change
    • You can submit a request for a change whenever needed

BIA supported tools

BI tools are the interface that connects clients with BIA provisioned data sources.

Available tools: