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BI: Report Consumers

Learn about being a business intelligence report consumer.

As a consumer, you may not frequently use supported tools, but you have cause to run reports and analyze data.

Where to start

Start by reaching out to your local report developer or data source subject matter expert. They often have the information you are looking for and can help you get your access set up. They may even have a solutions to meet your needs already created.

Your local report developer or data source subject matter expert can:

  • Direct you to the list of reports available on Blink or your custom site
  • Direct you to the link for the report you are looking for
  • Explain what the report means, what fields mean, what filters are being applied and how to use the report
  • Provision access (DSA only)

Report hosting

Consult with your developer or analyst to have your reports hosted on Blink or custom pages. Here are some examples of existing report pages:

Useful links