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Communities of Practice

Learn about the Analytics Communities of Practice at UC San Diego.

About Communities of Practice

Communities of practice consist of regular Zoom sessions, mailing lists and forums where analysts come together to discuss specific topics, share best practices, ask questions and get answers.

Communities of Practice Code of Conduct

Be safe and secure. Respect the acceptable use of information policies and guidelines the university has in place. Treat private student and university information appropriately.

Be collegial. University data is a community asset and a community of people steward the data. Use and share the data with the best interests of the university community and our students in mind. Since parts of our data analysis environment is designed to allow for greater transparency, analysis will potentially be able to see other unit data. While we will make private to a unit what absolutely needs to be private, the way the university runs its business often involves multiple colleges and units at the same time. Don't use your access to take unfair advantage of another unit. Be transparent with the community on your analytical plans and intentions.

Help improve data quality. If you see data that doesn't appear to be correct, let someone know. The data and information system management teams can work with local units on any data entry and data management processes that might need to be changed to improve data quality.

Be open-minded and inquisitive. Data can be represented in multiple ways at the same time. While the analytic teams are taking great care to enable multiple views of the data to support the community, you might have a valid and unique perspective. In time, we can accommodate more ways of looking at the same data while not interfering with other views or taxonomies. The analytics teams and the community can educate users of the data how to use and interpret data.

Value individual uniqueness. People progress at different rates. The university has a responsibility to understand structural and educational issues that may be impeding their progress and use data and analytics to guide us in supporting them toward greater success. All of our people are talented, but some have had different opportunities than others.

Share. The main benefit from open analytics is the power of a community of analysts learning from each other rather than a few select individuals hoarding knowledge or access. As the community improves its knowledge and skill with the data, the university can improve accordingly.

BIA Enhancement Process

One of the exciting parts of the work BIA does is that there is something new always happening.  If we do our jobs correctly, we not only make your lives easier, we also open doors to new ideas and possibilities for all.  New ideas lead to enhancement requests, which is why enhancements are the nature of our business. 
Including your needs and priorities is important to us, which is why we’ve created Community of Practice (COP) forums for each Activity Hub.  Each Activity Hub will have a Blink COP page with its corresponding forum.
When you think of an enhancement you would like to request, please add it to the corresponding COP forum.  For example, an enhancement related to Kuali would be added to the Research Analytics COP page on Blink.  Other analysts can then comment and vote on your enhancement.  BIA will review the enhancements with each Steering Committee in order to determine when and how to address the enhancement request.  Progress of the enhancement request can be tracked by all via the COP forum or Jira.  Once completed, your enhancement request will be featured in one of my release note emails.
In summary: BIA expects you to have enhancement requests.  We ask that you add them to the Community of Practice forum for the data they are related to so that others can comment and vote on them.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Financial Analytics Community of Practice form =

Research Analytics Community of Practice form =

More to come for Employee and Student.

Note: If you submit an enhancement via email then the BIA team will add the enhancement to the COP forum for other analysts to vote and comment on.



Contact the ITS Business Intelligence and Analytics Team with questions.
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