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Data Guidelines

Learn about UC San Diego data policies and access guidelines.

The Data Analytics Governance Committee (DAGC) in conjunction with the Campus Privacy Office and IT Services Security set data policies and access guidelines.

On this page you'll find information on current data policy and guidelines for data use. This page will be updated as policies are set or changed. 

Data Connection Policies

Direct connection to Activity Hubs is only available to the team who is building the Activity Hubs. Report developers and data integrators can access Activity Hub via Cognos, Tableau or data integration column groups.

Data can be added to Cognos and Tableau directly using vendor supported connectors. Neither the tool vendors nor BIA support 3rd partly connectors.

UCSD concerns related to 3rd party tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Security

  • Stability

  • Longevity

  • Vendor Support / Creator Support

All requests for 3rd party connectors will undergo a security review. BIA will provide assistance in opening tickets with other ITS groups, IBM Cognos and/or Salesforce Tableau per requestor detail for security approved connectors. BIA does not provide additional support such as monitoring for nor troubleshooting of issues related to the 3rd party connector.

Data Downloads

UC San Diego encourages all data users to analyze their data behind UC San Diego firewalls using the provided web tools Oracle, Cognos and Tableau.  

You can upload your data into Cognos and Tableau for safe keeping and customize your Cognos and Tableau reports so that fellow UC San Diego employees enter Cognos or Tableau, they see only the data they have access to. 

Reports available via the Oracle, Cognos and Tableau interfaces follow IT Services Security policies and industry best practices. These robust reporting tools provide the ability to use and analyze data in a secure method that is monitored and maintained by IT Services.

Data Analysis vs. Data Integration

Oracle, Cognos and Tableau are not data integration tools and should not be used to download data for upload to other applications.

UC San Diego has data integration tools for automated data moves between applications. Data integration developers can find information on How to Get Activity Hub Data. (Requires Access

Data and Security Resources

Data Usage

Data supported by the Business Intelligence team is intended only for UCSD business use. Data for student class work or student research projects should not come from any of the Activity Hubs.