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Financial Analytics - Historical Data

Learn about Financial Analytics on historical data.

About Financial Analytics

The Financial Analytics - Operating Ledger analytics tool consists of Chart of Accounts and Operating Ledger data.

Note: Adding filters to assure a reasonable response time is critical. Filter on specific Accounting Periods and Chart of Accounts (IFOPAL) fields.


The FINANCIAL WWW - FinancialLink role provides access to Financial data through business intelligence tools such as Cognos and Tableau.

  1. Login to AccessLingTNG
  2. Go to the Facility Tab of ALTNG
  3. Go to the FINANCIAL: data row
  4. Select FINANCIAL WWW - FinancialLink

Note: Everyone with FinLink Access will automatically have Financial Analytics access.

Learn more about data access.

Data availability

  • Cognos:
  • Tableau: Not available.

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