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Student Activity Hub

Learn about the Student Activity Hub (SAH), a next generation analytical platform that helps drive data driven decision making in support of student success.

About the Student Activity Hub

undergrad-tableau.GIFThe Student Activity Hub (SAH) combines information about all graduate and undergraduate students into a single repository.

Academic analysts, advisors, and faculty can access the curated data through supported reporting and visualization tools: Tableau and Cognos.  

In the initial phase, the SAH is designed to make institutional and operational reporting easier by providing access to 15 years’ worth of student data featuring retention, graduation rates, enrollments, demographics, class scheduling, and more.

In later phases, real-time learning data fed from the learning management system will allow for analysis, group building, and messaging of students based on a multitude of criteria.


Access to SAH is currently by invitation only and requires pre-approval by the registrar's office, completed FERPA training and completed Privacy 101 Workshop training. Contact the Registrars office for access.

Data is accessed through our supported analytical tools, Cognos and Tableau, after you have been approved and attended SAH onboarding.

VCSA staff looking for Student data should start here.

Training and Support

Data Training and Support

The Student Analytics Community of Practice provides student data training and access to additional support documents. Monthly meetings connect you with other UC San Diego developers who demonstrate real-life solutions using SAH data.

After you gain access to SAH, you will receive instructions about how to get started, in addition to information about our Communities of Practice. Being part of the community will ensure you get the most out of the system. 

Analytics Tools Training and Support

Activity Hubs data is available through Cognos and Tableau analysis and reporting tools.

Available Data

  • Current and census student demographic information is available in all views.
  • Use the search box within Cognos or Tableau to enter the view name.

Data set


View/Package/Data Source

Enrollment Courses, Class Sections, Grades, Units



Enrollment Census Same as Enrollment but changes per term stop on Census Date SAH-EnrollmentCensus-View available available
Major Minor Primary Major, Secondary Major, Primary Minor, Secondary Minor SAH-MajorMinor-View available available
Major Minor Detail Changes to majors or minors SAH-MajorMinorDetail-View available available
Retention Progressed # Years, Retained # Years, Graduated within # Years SAH-Retention-View available
Retention Census Same as Retention except changes per term stop on Census Date SAH-RetentionCensus-View available available
Retention Detail Progressed, Retained, Graduated SAH-RetentionDetail-View available
Retention Detail Census Same as Retention Detail except changes per term stop on Census Date SAH-RetentionDetailCensus-View available
Majors Minors Census Same as Majors Minors except changes per term stop on Census Date


available available
LMS Assignments, Finals, Grades SAH-LMS available available

Helpful Links

Contact the IT Services Business Intelligence and Analytics Team with questions.