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Safety Training Checklist for Supervisors

Read about supervisors' safety training responsibilities, when to provide training, documentation practices, and resources available to meet the challenge.

Supervisors' safety training obligations

All supervisors

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) outlines the supervisor's responsibility to provide safety training. According to the IIPP, supervisors must:

  • Ensure all employees complete the necessary Injury and Illness Prevention training. New employees should complete within 30 days of hire.
  • Identify specific hazards your employees may be exposed to on the job.
  • Confirm each employee successfully completes required training for the work they perform.
  • Evaluate employee safety training at least annually with each employee as part of the annual performance appraisal process.
  • Document all safety training your employees attend, including supervisor-led training.
  • Keep safety training documentation for the duration of each individual's employment.

Supervisors of CUE-represented employees

Principal investigators and laboratory managers

Learn more about Research Facility Classifications.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) requirement

All staff, faculty, students, and visitors working at UC San Diego and receiving financial compensation from the university (excluding stipends) must complete appropriate IIPP training.

How to get the training:

Important: Ensure IIPP training documentation for every member of your work group is available for inspectors.

When to provide employees with safety training

Make sure your employees receive appropriate safety training at these times:

  • During a new employee's initial orientation
    • New employees should complete IIPP training within the first 30 days of employement
  • When major aspects of the job change or new materials or procedures are introduced
  • When new hazards are identified

Resources and best practices to meet the challenge

  • Read About Safety Training for a discussion of required versus recommended training.
  • Use the Safety Training menu to identify and access EH&S required and recommended safety training programs and resources appropriate for your employees and student workers.
  • Make any safety training deficiencies goals for the upcoming performance appraisal cycle.

Record-keeping guidelines

  • Learn how to access UC Learning Center training records.
  • Use the sample Safety Training Roster to document safety training not conducted through the UC Learning Center. Documentation must include at a minimum:
    • Full name of the individual trained
    • Full name of the individual(s) providing the training for instructor-led training
    • Date of the training
    • Brief description of the training topics covered or a copy of the presentation
  • Use the Supervisor's Safety Meeting form to document supervisor-led training, IIPP Forms
  • Check your records periodically to make sure annual training requirements (if applicable) are met.
  • Keep safety training documents accessible for County inspectors, Cal/OSHA, and other regulatory agencies during their inspections.
For more information, contact the EH&S safety training manager. If Environment, Health & Safety doesn't offer the training you need, other resources will be recommended.