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Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

Learn how to get CERT training.

Be prepared to help yourself and others as a trained member of the Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT). Membership is open to students, faculty, and staff.

Completion of the 3-day CERT Academy is required to become eligible for the Campus Emergency Response Team.

Training approval

UC San Diego has approved paid time for staff to participate in CERT training if the absence does not infringe on the performance of essential job functions. Paid time for CERT training is subject to approval in advance by the supervisor. The 25-hour volunteer training covers basic emergency response and organizational skills, including how to:

  • Prepare in advance to respond and cope
  • Provide immediate assistance to victims
  • Organize spontaneous volunteers who have not had training
  • Collect disaster intelligence to assist professional responders

How to get training

CERT Academy training is offered on-campus several times a year (see dates below). Or, you may choose a community or city-sponsored CERT training in your neighborhood.

On-Campus CERT Training Academy

  • 2020 Training will not be offered. Check back for 2021 dates.

Initial CERT training takes 3 full days. Lunch is provided.

Location: Campus Services Complex, Building D (Find it on MapLink.)

Refresher Training

  • 2020 Training to be determined.

CERT members, improve your skills with one of the following half-day CERT Refresher Training.

Location: EH&S Training Room, University Center Building 401, corner of Myers Drive & Rupertus Lane. (Find it on MapLink.)

Off-campus training

Contact your local fire department or check the list of San Diego County CERTs to locate a city-sponsored CERT program near you.

Got training? Join The UC San Diego CERT Program

After you complete CERT training, you may become a member of the CERT program. To join, contact EH&S Emergency Services, (858) 246-0695.

As a CERT member, you will:

  • Receive a certificate for your employee file
  • Get a CERT emergency backpack with emergency supplies
  • Be invited to participate in campus CERT exercises

UC San Diego - CERT Volunteer Opportunities

Graduates of CERT training maintain and expand their skills by participating in additional exercises, refresher training, and campus drills. Members can also volunteer for projects to help improve community preparedness.

For more information, contact EH&S Emergency Services, (858) 246-0695.

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