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Asbestos Regulatory Awareness Training for UCSD Project Managers

Learn about asbestos regulatory awareness training for UC San Diego project managers.

Asbestos Regulatory Awareness

Required for UC San Diego project managers before being assigned projects where asbestos may be encountered. This training is intended for:

  • Facilities Design & Construction project managers and inspectors
  • Facilities Management inspectors, planners, and estimators
  • Housing- Dining-Hospitality maintenance supervisors
  • Telecommunications project managers

How to get training:

  • Training is available when requested by departments. Contact EH&S Occupational Health & Hygiene Services at ehsih@ucsd.edu to schedule training. Instruction time is 1 hour.
  • Web-based slide show (Note: These large PowerPoint files may take a few moments to open)

Topics include:

  • What asbestos is and where it may be encountered
  • Health hazards associated with asbestos
  • Regulating agencies and current regulations
  • Citations, fines, and who is liable for safety violations
  • Terminology
  • Project scale and duration
  • Preparing a management plan
  • Inspection, sampling, and analytical methods
  • Vendor selection
  • Supervision requirements
  • Abatement activities (removal, enclosure, or encapsulation)
  • Notifications
  • Restricting access to regulated areas
  • Hazardous waste disposal requirements
  • Personal protection equipment and practices
  • What to do when asbestos is encountered on the job
  • UCSD's asbestos location and mitigation database
  • General safety issues