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Laser Safety Training

Learn how to access required laser safety training.


Laser safety training is required for personnel working with class 3B or 4 lasers or laser systems, including laser operators and maintenance service personnel.

Training is recommended for personnel working with class 1M, 2, 2M, and 3R laser systems.

How to get training:


Individual principal investigators and supervisors must identify job-specific hazards and make sure their employees attend safety training appropriate for the type of work they perform.

  • Instruct all personnel on safety procedures, personal protective equipment, and hazard controls specific to the laboratory and laser system in use, in addition to any training provided by the laser manufacturer.
  • Consult Safety Training for Researchers for other required training.
  • Brief visitors on laser safety and provide them with protective equipment appropriate for their activities.
  • Keep records of all laser safety training, including a dated sign-in sheet for participants and a brief description of topics covered specific to their experiments.
For more information, contact EH&S Laser Safety, (858) 822-2850 or 822-2494.