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Hazardous Materials & Waste Training

Learn how to access required hazardous waste training at UC San Diego.

Annual Laboratory Hazards Training

Required annually* for research personnel who work with hazardous materials. 

Annual Shop & Studio Environmental Compliance & Hazards Training

Required annually* for non-research employees who work with hazardous materials. This is an eCourse.

Prerequisites: Prior to participating in this annual refresher course, complete Injury and Illness Prevention Program training.

* Expiration dates: San Diego County regulations require training annually – not 12 months from date of completion. Your annual training can be completed anytime this year, regardless of last years expiration date.

Biosafety: Bloodborne Pathogens

Required for anyone working with human blood or body fluids, or animal blood known to contain human pathogens. Annual BBP Refresher training is required thereafter.

Radiation: Safety Seminar

Required for anyone using radioactive materials; this course covers general radiation safety and radioactive waste management. 

For more information, contact the EH&S Environmental Management Facility, (858) 534-2753.