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Lead-Based Paint Management Program

Learn how lead-based paint is controlled at UC San Diego and find resources for implementing the program.

In the event of an unplanned release or disturbance of actual or suspected lead-based paint during your project, contact Environment, Health & Safety (Haz Mat) immediately.

  • During business hours, call Environment, Health & Safety at (858) 534-3660
  • After business hours, call UC San Diego Police at 9-1-1 (from a campus land line) or (858) 534-HELP (from a cell phone)

Program overview

Federal, state, and local regulations require close oversight of all activities related to maintenance, repair, and construction of UC-owned and -leased buildings where lead-based paint may be present.

UC San Diego has a Lead-Based Paint Management Program in place to protect the health of the campus community.

Authorized personnel

Only personnel from the following departments are allowed to manage lead-based paint abatement projects at UC San Diego:

  • Facilities Design & Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Housing, Dining & Hospitality
  • Medical Center Facilities Engineering

Resources for UC San Diego project managers and contractors

Project managers, if you suspect you might encounter lead-based paint during a construction, renovation, or repair project, use these resources to meet regulatory requirements:

Training requirements

UC San Diego project managers and trades employees who may encounter lead-based paint while performing their job duties must receive Lead-Based Paint Regulatory and Awareness Training before being assigned projects where lead-based paint may be encountered.

Regulations and policies

Questions? Contact EH&S Occupational Health & Hygiene Services at

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