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Common CMS Requests

Learn how to handle the most common CMS requests that WTS gets.

Edit homepage image rotator

To add items to the image rotator

  1. Drill down to _homepage-internals/image-rotator-full.
  2. Add an Image.
  3. Add a Headline (the headline text will display on top of the associated slider image).
  4. Enter Alt Text.
  5. Enter an External or Internal link (optional).
  6. To add more slider items click the plus icon (+).

Edit Image Rotator screenshot

Image Size

Images in the image-rotator block should be 1280 X 400 pixels at 72 dpi.

Publish your changes

When you have finished editing the image rotator, you need to publish your changes in order to see them on the live site.

The image rotator is a shared block.

Edit homepage News/Events block

To add items to the news content block:

Drill down to _homepage-internals/news.

  1. General
    • Heading: Enter a heading.
    • Content to Use: Will default to Featured Blocks. Choose WYSIWYG to use a free-form field if you need a different layout.
  2. Featured Blocks
    • Add a Title (optional).
    • Enter an External or Internal link (optional).
    • Add an Image.
    • Enter Teaser text (optional).
  3. To add more news items click the plus icon (+).

Featured Block screenshot


Images in the spotlight block should be about 125 X 75 pixels.

Edit left navigation and/or breadcrumbs

Left navigation

Unless you have used the manual navigation option for a page, the left navigation is automatically generated based on display names.

To change a display name, navigate to the page, select Edit and edit the Display Name field.

If you want to change the name used for left navigation and breadcrumbs of an index page, you need to edit the display name of the parent folder containing that page.

To change the order the left navigation, see Reordering Pages within the CMS.


Pages won't show up in the left navigation if Include when indexing is disabled.

In order to see the changes you made on the live pages, be sure to publish the folder containing the new navigation. If you only publish a single page, then only that page will be updated on the live site. If you make an update at the top level of your site, this will require republishing the entire site. Pages that are disabled from publishing will not update.


The breadcrumbs will mirror the left navigation, except that there is no order to manipulate.

See your changes on the live site

Single page

When you publish a change, but can't see it in your browser, it is often the case that your browser is showing you an old version of the page. Refresh the page to force the browser to show you the newest version of the page.

If you still don't see the change you published, make sure that publishing isn't disabled for the page. The CMS will normally warn you if you try to publish a page that is disabled from publishing, but if you publish a folder and only some of the pages are disabled, it does not.

Shared resources

In the case of elements that are shared across pages, such as the left navigation and shared blocks, remember that only published pages will change on the live site.

Left navigation not updating

All of the pages in a folder need to be published to update the left navigation there. If you make an update at the top level of your site, this will require republishing the entire site.

Shared blocks not updating

For shared blocks you can publish the pages that have a relationship with that block.