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Relationships in the CMS

Find out how to publish pages that link to a specific asset within the campus CMS.

When you update a shared block/ module or move a page, you will see updates in the CMS, but these changes won't appear on live pages until they are published.

Find pages that link to your asset

You can see a list of pages that use a specific shared block/ module or use an internal link to an asset.

  1. Navigate to the shared block, module or asset in question.
  2. Click More >> Relationships.

    More relationships screen shot
  3. You will see the Relationships window.

    Relationships screen screen shot
  4. From here you can link to the individual relationships, see when they were last modified and publish selected (checked) relationships or all of them.

Publish relationships

  1. Follow the instructions above to open the Relationships window for your asset.
  2. Click Publish All.
  3. This will publish the relationships to both stage and delivery (live site).

Asset Not Set to Publish Error

When you try to publish, if you see this error:

Error screenshot:

it means that this file (or a folder that contains this file) has publishing disabled. Check with your fellow SMEs and/ or site manager for the reason publishing was disabled before you override it and turn publishing back on.