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Resources for the Technical Community

Resources and information such as interest groups, training, technology events and more for the technical community.

This page provides a collection of links to information on technology topics, systems and tools from IT Services, campus IT providers and external websites.

Follow the links to find the contacts to help with any questions.

If you aren't finding what you need here, let us know and we'll help or point you in the right direction.

E-mail Lists and Communications

Mailing Lists

UC San Diego uses Google Groups mailing lists for communications among teams, interest groups and other UC San Diego groups with common intrests. Find more on Google Groups and Email lists


Google Group for technical information delivery, announcements, collaboration and discussion for  developers at UC San Diego. Register then send and receive email using the group's email address. Dev-l is open to all at UC San Diego:

Sys Admins:

This Google Group is a major source of technical information delivery, announcements, collaboration and discussion for the Sys Admin and technical community. Register then send and receive email using the group's email address. Sys Admin is open to all at UC San Diego.
clouddiscuss-g is open to all at UC San Diego:


This Google Group is for sharing of cloud issues and information, event announcements and discussion for those using or interested in cloud at UC San Diego. Group members can send and receive email using the group's email address. Clouddiscuss-g is open to all at UC San Diego.

Email Subscriptions

Technical Community Information and Announcements 

Subscribe to receive email updates on TECHTalks and Tech Community Resources mailings. 


Chat Platforms

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a non-platform specific messaging app supported by UC San Diego.
Connect with others on the UCSDTech Team through the Teams desktop app (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux), online via web browser, or on a mobile device (Android and iOS).
Join the UCSDTech Team to see connection options.


Slack is a non-platform specific messaging app for communication across an organization using topic-specific channels. The following Slack workspaces can be accessed through the desktop app (Windows, Mac, and Linux), online via web, or mobile app (Android and iOS). 
UCTech Slack is a UCOP-hosted workspace. Approximately 2000 technologists from across all UC campuses and the Office of the President communicate through this account each week. 
Join UCTech at
UCSDTech Slack is used by about 200 individuals across UC San Diego each month to post questions and answers and provide technical information and general content. Note that because this is a non-hosted workspace, only the most recent 10,000 messages can be viewed.

Join UCSDTech at

Communities of Practice

Business Excellence Community of Practice (BECOP)

Business Excellence Community of Practice Zoom sessions and mailing lists connect those who share an interest as change agents. Both aspirational and formally-trained business improvement practitioners interested in fostering operational excellence are welcome. Learn more on the Business Excellence Community of Practice website.

Data & Analytics Communities of Practice

Analytics Communities of Practice Zoom sessions, mailing lists and forums bring data analysts together to discuss related topics, share best practices, ask questions and get answers about Activity Hubs and enterprise data at UC San Diego. Find a list of Analytics Communities of Practice for those interested in Activity Hubs, analytics and reporting tools, data security and more.   

Data Integration Community of Practice

Members of the data integration community discuss topics related to IT Services data integration platforms Kafka, Nifi, API Manager, Airflow, and GoAnywhere. Find more on Integration Community of Practice.

DevOps Roundtable

This speaker/Q&A formatted meeting bridges the conversation between infrastructure and app development. DevOps Roundtables take place from 1 to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday on the DevOps Zoom.

Join the Microsoft Teams DevOps Roundtable group for announcements on speakers and topics. 


Conferences and Events


Analytics Community of Practice (ACoP) Day

ACoP Day is an annual conference presented by the IT Services Business Intelligence & Analytics group. Technical and business speakers deliver the latest information for everyone who works with data and analytics. Conference dates vary per year. Visit the ACoP Day web page for the most recent information. 

Campus LISA

Campus LISA is an annual technology conference at UC San Diego. Conference dates vary each year, with the conference generally held between June and November. Visit for more information.   

UC Tech Conference

UC Tech is an annual technology conference that features speakers from all UC campuses highlighting their projects, technologies and processes. Open to everyone in the UC system, conference hosting rotates to a different UC campus each year. Conference dates are determined by the hosting campus. Subscribe to the UC IT Blog for updates and general UC IT information.

See a history of UC Tech and past UC Tech themes and websites.

Visit these UC Tech websites:

UC Tech 2024: October 27-29, UC Davis & UC Davis Health

UC Tech 2023: July 17-19, Berkeley

UC Tech 2022: August 15-17, UC San Diego
40 years of UC Tech were celebrated in San Diego. Find session recordings and photos at



Tech Community Meetup

The technical outreach group presents occasional in-person meetup opportunities for all staff in technical and related positions at UC San Diego and UC San Diego Health. Planned and past meetup dates and more information can be found on the TECHTalk information sessions page

Request Support for Your Tech Event

The Technical Outreach program provides assistance to those planning events with a technology focus or intended for a technology audience.

Support can include:
  • Space reservations
  • Catering and equipment costs
  • Event Promotion
  • Large group Zoom webinar account access and assistance
  • Training resources

Contact for more information.

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data Repositories: Activity Hubs

Activity Hubs are UC San Diego's central data repositories, with hubs maintained for each type of enterprise data. Access to view Activity Hubs data is controlled through analysis and reporting tools and  integrations that are approved and use an enterprise-supported integration platform.
See an overview of the data environment at UC San Diego since Enterprise Systems Renewal.

Data Integration Platform

Local systems and applications will access Activity Hubs enterprise data using integration platform tools. Requests will be reviewed to determine options to meet the reported business needs, whether through existing systems or creation of a new integration. After review and an integration decision is made for an alternate system, training or an integration, a plan will be put into place with the requesting individual or team.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Report Creators (Developers)
Report developers are trained to use the analysis tools and access data to build reports as they are requested by campus report users. Developers select and obtain access to a development tool and each Activity Hub they will need to access in their reporting.

Analytics Communities of Practice are community members who share information and solutions for data reporting tools and Activity Hubs.
Report Users (Consumers)
Report users can find current enterprise system reports and learn how to request access on the Business Analytics Hub (BAH) website.

Enterprise Data Resources

Interest Groups and Information Sources

Interest Groups

GeekMasters: A Toastmasters Club

GeekMasters is a UC San Diego Toastmasters club for anyone wanting to improve presentation, speaking and leadership skills in a safe environment. Maximize your potential! Attend meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. Meetings and membership are open to all. No RSVP required. Learn about Geekmasters.


TECHTalks are monthly meetings for all who are interested in technology and related topics at UC San Diego. Each meeting is hosted by speakers and subject matter experts from enterprise and departmental technology, current project members and programs, in Q&A, AMA, Open Mic and panel discussion formats. Find more about TECHTalks. 

Women in Tech

Women in Tech promotes a supportive, inclusive environment for UC San Diego women in technology. Open to female-identifying staff and allies, quarterly lunchtime meetings help build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills, and fully leverage a network of resources to support academic and professional excellence. Learn more about Women in Tech.


UC San Diego Technology Knowledge Base (KB)

Find technology system information and instructions in topic-specific help articles written by UC San Diego Service Owners in the Information Technology Knowledge Base.

UC IT Blog and Newsletter

The University of California Office of the President hosts the UC IT Blog, where you will find articles and information from the UC CIO and campus technical staff from across the UC system. Subscribe to the blog to receive a monthly update.  

Training & Learning Resources

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training & Certification

AWS hosts ongoing, free, online and in-person training events that help builders leverage the power of the AWS Cloud. Led by AWS experts, the events help build foundational cloud knowledge to deep dives into technical areas. All upcoming events can be found at AWS Training & Certification Events.

Find additional training opportunities from AWS.

IT Services Service Catalog

See a catalog of services provided by IT Services, with links to more information.

System Administrator Information

The System Administrator Resources page is a starting place for campus technical support information, from how to get started to hardware, security and policy. 

Technology Training Resources


The TechWiki site includes information about services, software, software installer packages and more. Content is arranged alphabetically by subject and by role: Sysadmin, Developer, Research Developer and Researcher-facing resources. Content is maintained by service owners, who can be contacted for updates. Viewers must be logged in to Confluence access the space. Request access through the ITS Service Desk online support portal or call (858) 246-4375.

UC Learning Center

Find a catalog of online and in-person training at the UC Learning Center. In the Library, click on "Technology, Systems and Software" for a list of courses offered.

We Have Room for You...

Do you lead or attend an event that's open to the campus tech community? Do you have a technical interest group? Do you know a website that would help others?

If your answer is YES and you don't see it listed above, email the information and a link to and we'll include it on Technical Community Resources.

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