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General Liability Insurance

Find liability and loss control information and resources.

UC San Diego's Risk Management Office offers an array of insurance coverage to protect teaching, research, and public service activities from liability and financial loss.

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Types of coverage

Managing liability


How to



  • Questions about risk management insurance at UCSD?
    • E-mail: ehsrisk@ucsd.edu
    • Phone: (858) 534-2454 or 534-0994
    • Fax: (858) 534-5202
    • Mail Code: 0925
    • Location: Torrey Pines Center South, Suite 330
  • Fire, flood, and other property claims: (858) 534-4237
  • Aviation, boilers, cargo, fine arts, transit risk, special events, vehicles: Gina-Marie Sunda, (858) 246-0369
  • Proof-of-insurance requests, lawsuits, summons, and complaints: Samantha Maddox-Gomez, (858) 534-2092

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