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Proof of Insurance

Learn how to get a Certificate of Insurance.

When a vendor needs proof that the University has insurance, the Risk Management Office provides a Certificate of Insurance.

How to obtain a Certificate of Insurance

Allow 10 days for Risk Management to process the documentation and send the certificate to you.

For general or auto liability, workers' compensation, or property insurance:

  1. Contact a professional buyer for your area. The buyer will execute an associated contract or high-value purchase order with the outside supplier.

    Note: If the supplier's terms and conditions conflict with the University's business rules and policies, Purchasing will negotiate with the supplier. If a supplier won't change conflicting terms and conditions, Purchasing may suggest an alternate supplier. These actions may delay the purchasing process.

  2. When you receive the contract from Purchasing, send all the paperwork, including anything received from the outside supplier, to Risk Management at Risk Management will verify all documentation, then send you the proof of insurance.

For professional liability insurance:

For more information, contact Risk Management, (858) 534-3820.