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Insurance: Fine Arts and Collections

Select appropriate coverage for fine arts and collections from the programs below.

Fine arts insurance is available by request through the university's self-insurance program. Fine arts include paintings, etchings, pictures, statuary, tapestries, and other bona fide works of art, historical value, artistic merit, or rarity.

Fine arts are valued at the current appraised dollar amount, which should be listed on CAMS (Campus Asset Management System). Unless you notify EH&S Risk Management in writing of the currently declared appraisal of the item, the appraisal value listed with Equipment Management will be used for insurance purposes.

Most fine arts appreciate rather than depreciate. It is the department's responsibility to periodically have fine arts appraised and to submit updated appraisal values to the Equipment Asset Management System.

Review the programs below to determine the appropriate insurance coverage.

Property program insurance

Coverage is automatic for fine arts listed in CAMS (Campus Asset Management System) at no charge. There are 21 exclusions to this policy.


  • Loss due to damage: $1,000 per occurrence
  • Loss due to theft:
    • $1,000 per forced entry occurrence
    • $5,000 per non-forced entry occurrence

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  • BUS-81 (PDF), Insurance Programs

Permanent fine arts collections

This is by-request (optional) coverage. There are 2 exclusions to this policy.

Additional costs: Items added to the policy cost 18 cents per $100 of value per year.

Deductible: $500 per occurrence

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Temporary exhibits

There are 2 exclusions to this policy.

Additional costs: Items added to the policy cost $.03 per $100 of value per month.

Deductibles: $500 per occurrence.

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For more information, contact EH&S Risk Management, (858) 246-0369.
When a loss occurs, notify Risk Management, (858) 534-2454, immediately to promptly initiate the insurance investigation and claims process.