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Field Operational Planner

Use the Field Operational Planner for university-sponsored research or field trips.

COVID-19 Precautions and Considerations

Use the COVID-19 Field Protocol Worksite Planning Checklist in addition to your Field Operational Planner If travel approval is granted. This checklist provides travel guidance on topics such as training, continuity planning, transportation, emergency procedures and more. In addition, register travel via UC Away and keep a lookout for updated campus guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Remember: Travel should not occur if a member is sick with a fever or cough or recent travel to higher risk regions/close contact with suspect cases within the last 14 days. 

*Additional requirements specific to the context of certain types of field-research activity may apply, as outlined here, in the Research Ramp Up Guide, in SIO documents, or resources provided by specific research locations. In all contexts where strategies of varying degrees of strictness are suggested, researchers should utilize the most conservative/highest possible forms of social distancing, PPE and sanitization protocols.

Field Operational Planner Requirements

1. Review the UC Field Research Safety Manual to better understand the planning, training and best practices needed for your trip.

2. Choose and complete the correct Field Operational Planner for your trip:

  • Urban Domestic Field Trips or Undergraduate Student Travel – Online form
  • International Trips, Trips to Remote Areas, and/or trips involving special hazards (i.e. environmental, chemical, mechanical, etc.)Word doc | PDF

It must be submitted one month prior to your trip! Make sure your safety coordinator and department administrator have a copy of your plan before you go.

3. Send a copy of your plan to an EH&S Field Safety coordinator for review. When a plan is submitted, the Field Safety coordinator will make recommendations for organizing a safe and productive trip.

Wild Infectious Agents in the Wild (Animal or Biological Samples)

Working with animals in the wild or infectious biological agents in the wild requires the appropriate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval. In addition, Principal investigators must obtain an approved Biohazard Use Authorization (BUA) from the UC San Diego Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) before beginning research, clinical, or teaching activities with biohazardous materials. 

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Preventing and responding to sexual harassment and sexual violence is one of UC San Diego’s top priorities. According to an article in Nature magazine, the field research environment can present unique challenges in addressing this issue. Employees should be reminded that rules and expectations for conduct in the field are no different than in the workplace. UC San Diego provides resources and support to any concerned person on how to get and give help, how to report an incident and the responsibilities of the university community. For more information, visit the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response website

Support Contacts

Contact an EH&S Field Safety coordinator:

Research trips  (858) 534-7651 Mail Code: 0089
Non-research trips  (858) 534-3820 Mail Code: 0925
Risk Management/Insurance  (858) 534-3820 Mail Code: 0925

Additional contacts:

Field Safety coordinators Research trips
Non-research trips
(858) 534-7651
(858) 534-2112
Environment, Health & Safety (858) 534-3660
EH&S Services Lab (858) 534-0902 or 822-5525
Biological Safety (858) 534-6059 or 534-5366
Chemical Safety (858) 822-1579
Emergency Medical Training Resources at UC San Diego    
Export Control Office Export Control Officer (858) 246-3300
Hazardous Waste (853) 534-2753
Heat Illness Prevention (858) 534-1075 or 534-3782
Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD) (858) 534-8298
Insurance and Liability (858) 534-3820
Radiation Safety (858) 534-6138 or 822-4045
Research Assistance Program (858) 534-7651
Shipping Scottie Profitt (858) 536-3225
Signing Contracts & Agreements (858) 534-9494
Student Health Services (858) 534-3300
Travel (858) 822-0202
UC Traveler Insurance Coverage (858) 534-3820
Medical Center Diving Medicine Services   (619) 471-9210
Medical Center Occupational & Environmental Medicine   (619) 543-7060
Medical Center Travel Medicine Clinic   (619) 471-9210

Travel Resources and Information

For more information, contact an EH&S Field Safety specialist. (Note: Sign-up for a monthly field safety newsletter to stay informed about seasonal and emerging hazards, best practices, and training opportunities by emailing Past issues by topic are available on the UC Field Research Safety website.)

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