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COVID-19 Campus Resources and Guidelines

Environment, Health and Safety resources, guidelines and activities currently available to support the campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face Coverings

See Return to Learn Safety Guidelines for latest updates and requirements.   

Protect yourself

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Clean highly used work surfaces often.
  • In some cases, you must wear a face covering indoors (see Return to Learn Safety Guidelines for listed exceptions). They do not have to be medical grade but must cover your nose and mouth with a tight fit. To determine if your face covering is protective, put your hand in front of your mouth when you have it on and forcibly exhale. You should not feel the air on your hand. 
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Walk instead of taking a shared car to your meetings.

Current Workplace Safety and Health Regulations

Campus Requirement
State Regulation

UC San Diego implements a COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) pursuant to an Emergency Temporary Standard in place for COVID-19 [California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, section 3205(c)].

Testing and Screening for UC San Diego

Please check Return to Learn COVID Testing & Screening regularly for the latest on testing and screening guidelines as they will change.

Reporting Health and Safety Concerns

If you see any activity that may be jeopardizing your health and safety or violating the San Diego County Health Orders, please report it immediately using this form or contact the Whistleblower Hotline. For emergencies and/or criminal matters, contact UC San Diego Police: 9-1-1 from campus phones; other phones (858) 534-4357 (534-HELP).

N95 Respiratory Protection Inquiries

EH&S provides respirator certification and fit testing services. Additional safeguards and precautions are implemented to ensure the safety of both the program administrator and the customer during this process. For more information, visit the UC San Diego Respiratory Protection Program for regular updates. Campus employees who choose to wear N95-respirators on campus must follow these guidelines for Voluntary Use.

Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines for Campus

Facilities Management has increased daily cleaning services. Efforts include:

  • Daily disinfection of all building common surfaces and area touchpoints such as entrance doors and handles, lobby and interior elevator buttons, water fountains, restrooms and more. COVID-19 Disinfection Guidance can be found here.
  • Installed hand sanitizer stations at main building entrances and foot pedals on exterior Big Belly trash and recycling containers.

In addition, in-house COVID-19 Cleaning Teams provide rapid-response disinfectant cleaning for campus areas where an individual has tested positive and had been present during their high-risk exposure period within the last 24 hours. The EOC will coordinate appropriate enhanced cleaning and disinfection based on the details.  

When using vehicles for transportation, follow these guidelines to ensure vehicles are cleaned and disinfected properly.

DIY Air Filter System

Easily build your own low-cost air filter with MERV13 furnace filters and a box fan. Departments can request one using this form

Ergonomic Support

Due to the COVID-19 campus closure, many employees will be working from home. EH&S wants to provide ergonomic support to telecommuters and other remote workers during this period. Utilize use the following resources to help optimize your workspaces:

It is recommended that you take the web-based ergonomic tutorial on UC Learning Center to eliminate ergonomic risk factors.

Events on Campus

Visit Event Planning for the latest updates.

Contact the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) if you require additional assistance.