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General Liability Program Rates

Find current general liability program rates.

Current rates

General liability rates are assessed monthly on every $100 of payroll cost. These charges appear on the general ledger under account code 637930, General Liability Program.

Current effective rates are:

  • General funds: 82 cents
  • All other funds: 82 cents


The University is self-insured for general liability claims. In July 1997, the Office of the President transferred responsibility for the general liability program to the campuses. Each campus now funds its portion of the program, based on past claims.

Rates change annually, depending on previous claims, actuarial analysis, and industry trends. The most effective way to minimize rates is to reduce accidents and losses.

Learn more

Attend Risk Management training courses to learn how to manage costs related to work-related injuries, employment and general liability, auto accidents, thefts, flood, and fire damage.

For more information, contact Risk Management, (858) 534-3820.
When a loss occurs, notify EH&S Risk Management, (858) 534-3820, immediately to promptly initiate the insurance investigation and claim process. Use pager number (858) 583-3302 for emergencies only. Take a picture if a camera is available.